Should the ATC have restrictions on ghosting?

Hey everyone,

I’ve just finished a flight from EDDF-LOWI. This was during the Friday night flight on expert server so it was quite busy BUT the ATC that operated LOWI approach and tower were absolutely dreadful and gave me a thought. I will explain what happened later on but for now here is my idea:

-ATC should only be allowed to ghost a certain number of users per week

Why it would work
On expert, most users are very responsible and follow rules. (especially after the recent entry requirements updated) However if the atc can operate an airfield and ghost however many people they want, they are more prone to ghosting people for small mistakes e.g. Turning to incorrect heading. Of course there will be people who would be disrupting the experience for others which understandably should be ghosted. If atc had a restriction, they would be more cautious to ghost users for minor offences instead of immediately ghosting those of us who make minor errors.

There have been SO MANY stories of people who say they have been ghosted for nothing, and somehow they have all been told that they made the mistake? How can this be true? I always thought this was true until it happened to me. I honestly hope someone reads this and realises I have a point. We are all part of this community yet when I fly it feels like the atc are an enemy. I know I am not alone in feeling this way, all my friends who I fly with feel the same! I know for a fact I wont be giving another penny to Infinite flight until something is changed with this atc system. Without us this app would be NOTHING. I’ve given them too much money and free promotion both on YouTube and Instagram in return for one update per year. I feel sad that I feel this way but this is the truth of what I think.

What happened to me

On approach with “Jared Hodge” as approach. All was good until I was taken over the airfield and turned downwind. FYI I was able to turn final at any point and there was nobody else on final for a few miles. The atc then took me far from the airfield, just a few hundred feet above the mountain tops, and let 5 other aircraft land before me! I let this go as It was busy and was forgivable. Now it gets frustrating. The tower “Cpt Jan” told me I was number 3. I flew the windy approach and touched down. I was told to “Stand by” and I was then ghosted a few moments later. No aircraft was on the runway and I also don’t think I affected anyone’s experience negatively. Crazy.

Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts on this subject.


Contact the controllers directly or PM an ATC mod. ATC can’t ghost wherever they want. There are procedures.

You do know there is a procedure and a list of reasons to ghost… If people do something wrong, well then they have to get ghosted as simple as that. The procedure really makes it nearly impossible to ghost for no reason and if there was a mistake it can be reversed.

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Please contact a member of the moderation team and/or the controller involved if you would like more information on why you were ghosted.