Should the 767 be purchasable for free?

So first of all I don’t know if I’m supposed to put this in a topic (Idk which one) so that’s why I put it in general.
I’ve been a long time flyer with IF and I’m starting to get tired of only flying medium courrier aircraft such as the A321 or 737-700. I started thinking that it would probably attract more people and keep them playing if you guys added a larger aircraft such as the 767 which is rarely flown by the people who have the pro pass. I’m saying that because it is starting to lose popularity and it’s also a legacy aircraft which means it’s not a high quality plane.

Hope you guys agree and I get it if IF says no.


I kinda doubt the devs are gonna add a free plane anytime soon. Infinite Flight is a business and there’s nothing in it for them to make the 767 free. They want to entice people to get PRO so they make money. Using you as an example, making the 767 free would give you one less reason to get PRO. Also, people have made topics asking for more free planes many times and it has never happened— at least from my experience.


The point of the free portion of the app is to simply give a small sample of what the app has to offer in order to entice people to purchase the Pro subscription.


They don’t care if people are playing if they don’t have PRO.


Not really. Without Pro, the 767 would be useless because there wouldn’t be any long haul free routes. The plane would also remain free after a rework to those who bought it before global came to be.

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Well clearly op wants it— other non-pro users probably would too regardless of practicality. Not everyone is realistic about routes and whatnot.

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Infinite Flight provides a small variety of free aircraft to provide new users with a taste of what Infinite Flight has to offer. The idea of the non-pro version of Infinite Flight is to allow users to try it out, not to use it as a fully fledged flight simulator. Furthermore, since the app is free, there’s no cost incentive for them to provide a wider variety of aircraft to users who don’t pay for the pro-subscription.


The 767 is a legacy aircraft which means it’s low quality and it’s not like there were no other long haul planes

Yes but if new people see that you need to buy an aircraft with a pixelated cockpit they won’t pay

A little off-topic, but when exactly was the app made free?


It was a while ago I think it was originally a promotional thing that just stayed

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Most of the people start without pro and if they like the non pro version they buy the pro version which means it’s crucial and I hope you are not speaking on behalf of the IF team

I also saw other topics but people were asking the devs to put the 777 free which is not reasonable but this a legacy aircraft weee talking about

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I doubt we are going to get any more free planes, However i do think the 767 should be free. The 767 just goes to show how little effort was put into it. You can’t even do cockpit view ?!?!

IF non-pro version is like a “sample” for the full version, so we don’t need to give out every single aircraft for free. And since there are regions where you can fly for free, the need for the 767 would be very useless because of how small the flight time would be.

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Lets be real the 767 in its current state is garbo, would it really be that much of a pain to give it to non-pro users considering IF is removing other aircraft from pro. Its not like people are buying pro for the 767.


I like this, although I did mention the size of regions, and giving that the fact that absolutely no one flies this aircraft, I think it could work out.

Good point.

Nobody flies it because of little effort and detail put into that aircraft

I mean it is a legacy aircraft, and back then technology wasn’t as great as now. So I do understand what you are trying to say.