Should the 10 character limit be removed for PMs?

Any plans to remove the 10 character limit for personal PMs since short responses like “thanks” or “ok” can’t be created due to this limitation?


I believe it has been implemented to avoid message spamming.

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I’d say no as this is not a chat room. It’s a forum. It takes up space to post messages and space is money.


I can understand that for the general community, but to me it seems like message spamming wouldn’t be an issue for pms.

It’s also there to avoid stuff like “yeah, ok, cool, lol” in one message and to have complete real sentences since as someone mentioned this isn’t a chat room.

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There are definitely some group pms Amongst the community that are run like chat rooms.

Sure but it’s not like chatting with your friends over text messages where you can just reply with lol or cool.

Yes… there’s sometimes you don’t need 10 words to answer a question

I seen a post about this the other day by @Chris_S I’m pretty sure I just can’t seem to find it.


I run a series of PM (Meaning we have had more than 30 of that PM topic) with a few fellow users here on IFC, and are also a part of other 1 on 1 PMs with many, and in all those 1 on 1 and Group PMs I’ve been able to communicate when chatting about day to day stuff using a complete sentence, so it’s not a huge deal at all, this 10 character limit.

I quite like it. Makes me use my creativity to write a reasonable and complete reply :)

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Okay I found it.


Are you allowed to use < > In pms to hide text? As thats the only way to bypass the 10 character limit.

I think you can with some limitations

I have done a PM before with iframe and it showed as nothing and it let me post it so yes.

No, it shouldn’t. Because…

1. I cannot believe that you can’t type 10 letters into a PM.

2. Stops people spamming

3. Makes constructive discussion

4. Discourse, this forum runs on; says that Discourse is not a chat room and that PM are to be treated the same

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