Should Philippine Airlines change their livery?

Well, PAL’s livery isnt bad but its just too simple compared to their former liveries, as said we only get a “Additional beauty” on PAL’s livery on its 70th and 75th anniversary respectedly, as said, One of PAL’s A350 which feature the “The Love Bus” decal which came all the way from the 80s with their one of the retro liveries.

But its only a decal, not a retro livery, sadly.

But to get back to topic, should they change the livery from this?

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I think that having a clean livery is very beneficial for any airline as it’s very recognised by any person

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I don’t know, I really love the tail. Can we see the other logos you mentioned. I’m too lazy to search :P


I mean this, not only the decal.

before you ask, i dont really know how to edit aircraft templates at that time.

Although the current livery is plain, it does have a unique look to it. It could be improved, but no major change needed in my opinion.

Eurowhite is the future, and this is a decent example of one. I don’t think it needs to be changed.


It looks good as it is! 😉

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PR rocks the Eurowhite. Although, I would suggest for a new livery maybe, a tail-aft fuselage blend and bigger lettering like Emirates.


I agree with you, Nate! While I do not see their livery going away from mainly-white, larger lettering along with a better blend (maybe a gradient) to connect with fuselage would be awesome!

Well i would prefer lettering like JAL does.

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and perhaps i think their livery shines even better when doing absolute butter landings

I generally don’t oppose eurowhite liveries, but this one’s body often seems like they just put a sticker with their name on it. I’d love to see a little bit more, but I don’t think they need to change the livery besides that

In my opinion the livery is too bland. Something needs to be done around the middle/front to make the planes stand out. It looks like someone just typed “Philippines” in Ariel on Microsoft Word and called it a day. Perhaps a new logo/symbol would improve things.

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