Should Kids Be In Premium Cabins?


@jmwilliams17 When I really think about it, I don’t really see all that much of an issue with letting your kid fly F maybe once or twice. I suppose my opinion also stems from a story from a friend of mine that went on a cruise during break. He met this fat kid who was spoiled rotten, and like on Snapchat was in first class and was traveling everywhere and had the mastersuite and everything. He wasn’t even sure if this guy went to school or not.


Well that’s going to depend on the person. Some people like to show off and act like a spoilt brat. It’s the way of life, not everyone falls under this characterisation. In this case I see an example of bad parenting.


BTW, this kids father was apparantly a pilot that makes 500K a year




TBH, everyone probably lost respect for me, not like I had any to begin with 😂😂😂😂😂


Well if he worked for the airline they flew first class on, then they didn’t have to pay anything besides taxes because they non-reved.


I am not qualified in any way shape or form for this, and am heavily influenced by TV personalities and friends stories


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No, baby goats should not be in premium cabins, or any passenger cabin for that matter, it’s a safety concern.

I really don’t care about children being put in premium cabins. As planes have gotten quieter, the children have not gotten louder, though the complaining from entitled passengers has gotten louder. Children simply present a service challenge flight attendants already see in economy, there shouldn’t be an issue provided that the same mitigation strategies are used in premium cabins. Just because the seats go flat doesn’t mean the passengers need sleep any more than those down the back on a red-eye.


If the parents pay for the seats, it is their right to choose who uses the seat. Personally, if a kid can’t behave themselves, then I believe that the parent should step up and find an alternative method of transport, but that isn’t a restriction that should be imposed on parents by the airlines.


Yes, kids by all means should be able to fly in the premium classes, but have to be controlled by their parents.

But the airlines must inform their parents, if the kids misbehave they can play outside rather.

It is just a joke by the way


If you believe children shouldn’t fly first because they didn’t “deserve” it, do you think lottery winners should be banned?
The airline don’t care whether you deserve it, they only care if you pay for it


As a father of 6 it is my responsibility to care and provide for my children.
With that being said how could I turn around to my 4yr old and say sorry son but you have not achieved enough in life to earn your seat in 1st class? I want the best for my children in life and if I chose to fly first class they would too.

Tho on the other foot if my kids were little monsters I would not even book seats in 1st class but not because they don’t deserve it but due to the price other people have paid to fly in that luxury and it all comes down to respect for others and doing what you know as right as a parent.

So children should not be band from 1st class tho the parents should pick the right options for travel with there kids and others in mind P


In most parts of the world, having a bed is a luxury
Definitely disagree with your reasons.


Some of the reasons that are coming up in this topic are so obsurd it’s… well obsurd!

First off, what may seem luxury to you may not seem luxury to someone else. Many people in Africa are starving, any type of food for them is luxury, even your BigMac at McDonalds. Now, for me (and I’d say for quite a few of us here) a Big Mac is not considered a luxury. Therefore for some people flying First is no luxury, it’s their standard of living, hence they let their children fly in First because that’s just how they live.

Also, adults are worse than children! You don’t hear on the news that a child had too much to drink and assaulted a flight attendant. Yes, they may ask stupid questions like if there are Doritos on the plane, or if they can fly their drone, but it’s all harmless; they don’t go attacking people just because they can’t do what they want.

Overall, I think children should have the same rights to access premium cabins as adults, for reasons stated above.


I’m a 14 year old teenager, and knowing me I wouldn’t be that dumb enough to not respect people around me, avoid creating unnecessary attention to myself and I would not misbehave in any way weather I am in First or economy I will keep my dignity. But this my not be the same for everyone. So it’s not about being in First or economy, it’s how the kids behave. Everyone’s behaviour is different. :)