Should Kids Be In Premium Cabins?


Only really works if the flight has decent wifi on board.


If you want some peace and quiet, I think FC would be a good choice because they’ll be entertained 😂


Give 'em a pair of wings and a Tootsie Pop. Then proceed to tell them to “suck it up buttercup!”

“Works everytime. 10 out of 10 would recommend” -Me 🙂


Ok, I am definitely confusing some people with what I am trying to say. I am not saying that kids shouldn’t be feed, or anything like that. Necessities are necessities . I don’t believe in parents flying F while kids are in Y. In that sort of situation, however, the kids should learn that you have to earn luxuries. We get allowances these days, we use the money to buy things we want. Things in life aren’t free, and I feel like having them in F is kinda counterproductive. I personally wouldn’t go in F and leave them in Y, at least not until they are older, and this is just my opinion. It may change in the future. Remember, I am not qualified for this, so… I don’t judge people if they let their kids in F and I dont think that kids should be banned from it. Plus, it’s not like F is going to matter too much to a 5 year old. Just my opinion, feel free to voice your opinion in a calm, rational, respectful way. Cheers!


Definitely agree with this, I’m sure someone would get more use out of a FC seat.


I was 6 months old when I was flying from Guam to Hawaii when My mom and dad and sister were upgraded too buisness class in 98. Did I act a fool no. Did I cry probably. But most the time though I was asleep. The parents should be responsible for there kids. If they act fine they should allow it if not than they shouldn’t. It comes down to if your a bad parent or a good parent with kids


Well you were 6 months old so I doubt you knew the distinction between economy class and first class.


I think as long as they are polite and not being a spoiled, arrogant, and screaming brat, then I don’t have a problem. Nobody likes a stuck up. Especially when it’s a child.


TBH, I do believe that I am confusing some people, possibly even myself. It was along the lines of, "this can help teach kids that luxuries aren’t free and are that, luxuries. I don’t think that parents should be leaving their kid behind in Y while theyre in F, at least until they’re like 16 or 17, and then they’re not really kids anymore. Like, it kinda follows the same principle as allowances and such.


I don’t know, I earn an allowance and pay for like airplane models and such. My perspective probably differs from that of some people.


After reading your bio, i see that you’re a Gordon Ramsay fan, which made me remember a article (a number of articles, actually) where he says the same thing. So is it possible that you’re commandeering (to put it nicely) his idea and defending it?

Your arguments are actually a line-by-line regurgitation of what Ramsay says.


In my opinion family is more important than what class you fly in. That’s how my parents think. They don’t care is they fly Economey as long as they fly with me.


Actually, I haven’t thought much on it until I read it. I do personally agree with it, but i do feel like kids should be allowed to fly in first class if the parents want them to. Like, I’m not so much defending what he said. I just happen to agree with it once I though about it


I suppose in some way, you could say that. It happens to be that I am defending my opinion which happens to agree with his opinion.


“kids should learn that you have to earn luxuries”. So if I understand you - to teach your kids a lesson while they are young, you are going to sit in Y with them. So what is the lesson here? Simple: If you didn’t have kids you’d be in F and happy. Then when they get older and are in their angry teenage years, you are going to sit in F and make them ever angrier. And exactly what is the lesson here? Simple: watch your back!

Using your logic, is it fast food for dinner because the kids haven’t earned the right to go to a nice steakhouse?

As a parent the reason I have worked hard,among other reasons, is to occasionally splurge and share it with my loved ones. I’m not selfish - I share what I have earned.

Wow - just read the GR article. The guys seems full of hate on TV and it appears that’s the case elsewhere too. What a sad man!


If it’s a 3 year old screaming baby no if it’s a teenager then sure


Interesting. Haven’t really thought about it that way. Also, Gordon is actually really nice off TV and even at times on TV. Thank you though, that was actually thought provoking


TBH, I am the least qualified person to talk about this.


Lol 😂😂. Your right. But if my parents told me about it🤔


If you know that your kid is, shall we say, energetic, stay away from the lie flats