Should Kids Be In Premium Cabins?


Status. Not very high though. A bit random


Interesting. I kinda feel like if they fly economy, and then when they are older they will earn it and understand that you have to work for what you want and things in life aren’t free. Interesting insight though…


No to make them appreciate hard work, you check em in and make them sleep in the cargo hold. (100% joke, not a fan of child abuse)


When I was younger I probably would have rather been seated above the wing and watch that than have first class, but my judgement was questionable…😂


TBH, my knowledge and background in this whole thing is questionable.


I think that kids, or as I like to call them, “people”, have every right to be in any passenger seating area. It is the parents responsibility to control their behavior.

The only issue is with parents that don’t teach their children to behave. Those parents should sit in the wheel well.


@Captain-Daniel, I am around your age- slightly older, and I have been able to fly First class several times both domestic and long haul. When I was 10, I flew an Air France A380 in La Premiere class, and enjoyed every moment (we flew with points). I was much younger then, but was (in my opinion) a well behaved child, and was very thankful of my parents for letting us fly in that class. I know that if I had been moved from my seat to a lower class of service simply because of my age, I would’ve been quite annoyed. I only agree with the statement- not the reasons- I love first class because it is a place where I can get actual rest, rather than being annoyed to death by a whining child. If the child is well behaved and quiet, however, I would have no problem allowing children up front

BTW, your bio contradicts your statement


Your reasons are laughable and cold at the same time. I was expecting something along the lines of “we pay so much, so I shouldn’t have to deal with a crying baby in this small section of the place.”

Earning a seat in first class though? Seriously? What, are the parents going to sit up front and the kids sit in Economy? I’m 21, so I’m by no means a parent or ready to be one, but even I see how ludicrous this is.

Did your parents not buy you a car (used or new, whatever) or give you one of their old ones when you got your license? Probably. Did you technically “earn” it? Probably not, but it made their lives more convenient (they didn’t have to drive you to school everyday or lend their cars out when you wanted to go chill with your friends). Same deal here.


By this logic, should we even feed kids? Should we clothe them? What have they done to deserve it? Shouldn’t they have to work for it since it isn’t free?


I know a ton of kids that act way better then some adults. Tell the naysayers to suck it up and take a nap or put some noise canceling buds on. Case closed!


This is from a teenagers perspective.
I have sadly never flown first or business class, but I agree with what is said from above: good behavior = first class. Hopefully one day I will be able to try First Class, but I would definatly not want to have an annoying child in my flight :)


This is probably a duplicate because I could only stomach part of this.

But your reasoning is How Not to Parent 101. You should write a book.

[Obviously you don’t have kids.]

Edit: Seriously, the more I think about the reasoning the more baffled I become. How is an 8 year old supposed to earn his or her way to the front? By having written a symphony or something?


Or do this 😂


Exactly. Very cold, almost heartless and selfish thinking here. It’s your family…fly together. Whether that’s in Economy, Business, or First…you stick together. You don’t send your kids to Economy while you and your wife ball out up front.


Yes. I am very appreciative that my parents stick in Economey and don’t fly Businesss or First themselves.


I don’t really mind my parents sitting at the front. They worked hard for the money and they certainly deserves it. I take every J class booking they give me as a privledge, not granted. I certainly enjoy the view and seat up front though :).


If that guy screamed at my kids well I will leave it at that. Big tough guy yelling at a child. 😒


If they are travelling alone. No. I dont trust a minor to respect first class. Travelling with their parents or a responsible adult then Im fine with this. Case in point, when I flew in First back in January there was a family with small kids flying in First and the parents made sure they were respectful. Other times I have been in first and a minor by himself was the most annoying person I have ever encountered on a flight.


More seriously I don’t think the kids are the problem. Really it is the parents, the kids need to be rained in by them, and some parents just don’t take the initiative to teach their kids basic things, or correct them. Now I should preface this by saying I am 14 and have no parental skills whatsoever, but… Some parents just don’t care, like a Southwest flight I was on to Florida, there was a kid behind me who was narrating his Minecraft game, no joke😑, his mom did not care, and it was super annoying. Eventually he fell asleep and started snoring😔, but his parents should have realized he was annoying the other people and they we did not want to hear about how he killed a zombie, or hear it at full volume!😡 Another bad example that is totally different, but an equally relevant problem was at the National STEM convention when I was waiting in like (like you should) for my turn in an F18 sim, the mother of two children behind me literally said, and I quote, “kids try to get beside hem in line so the operator will think you are first, I am tired of waiting here…” I after hearing this did my best to take up the whole width of the line, and went on first. This is a totally different example because parents really should I think lead by example so if on a flight the parent has their shoes off or any of the other terribly disgusting things people do on flights their kids probably will do that too…

Really I think of parents would pay more attention to this and teach their kids well we would be able to lose this stigma that kids are terrible on planes. I don’t think many kids set out with the intent to be annoying by kicking the seat, but parents should realize that kids are doing this, and take more control of the situation…


Here’s a solution too:

The carrier should have a few iPads with Infinite Flight handy. Just sayin.