Should Kids Be In Premium Cabins?

Hey guys. This is a pretty controversial topic in the airline world. As you can see in the title, should kids ve in premium cabins. I say, as long as they are behaved well and such, why not. Why should airlines bar kids from being in it.


I don’t agree with your reasons. Your children don’t need to deserve to live in your house. If you have children you should bare the responsibility. Other reasons may be applicable but not what you mentioned.


Can they behave themselves without having to be told by a parent or guardian? If so, yes.

Are they obnoxious and/or disrespectful? If so, no.


I think if they pay the price and not disturb other passengers I don’t see why they should be restricted


My views are that if people have paid for it then they shouldn’t the stopped however if you have a bratty child then think about others and don’t be selfish aka fly economy.


Well, like, yes your children need to live in your home, but you earn luxuries. Flying first class is a luxury, and a big one at that. I don’t believe that they should be restricted from flying F, but I personally wouldn’t do it myself for reasons above. I love hearing what you guys are saying, very interesting to hear people’s opinion on things.

I might be wrong and correct me if I am but I think Malaysia Airlines banned children from business on long hauls.

Them living at home is a necessity, to a certain extent, flying can be a necessity. Flying F is a luxury, and you earn luxuries. That is my opinion.

I don’t mind kids in premium. I do mind when the parents let them act a fool. It’s the same as a restaurant where you are responsible for their behavior. I’ve seen kids treating first class like it was a buffet and asked for every type of food (that wasn’t available) and get mad. “How come they don’t have spicy Doritos?” Parents said nothing.

The family doesn’t travel with me often but when they do it’s with points or miles. They understand that I worked hard for them to be able to travel and appreciate the seats and airport lounge access. It makes the trip more special for them.

Life is all about life experiences and frames of reference. Expect nothing and go with the flow…


Well, if the parent is willing and able to pay for it, why not? I believe children cannot earn to fly premium cabins so it’s 99% the parents’ choice…

I don’t think they should be restricted, I’ve gotten upgraded multiple times, and as of me posting this, I’m only fifteen. My last upgrade was four years ago. I think that if they are able to behave themselves, there’s no reason why kids shouldn’t be allowed to fly in first class. Maybe if they misbehave, they can get kicked out, but that’s another issue.


Haha I’m pretty sure the 10 year olds and under are the issue 😂 unless you know any 15 year olds that throw tantrums, scream and cry…


I have an issue with that. I don’t see a problem with kids flying F. I might personally not do it, but why should the airline punish everyone because of a few people. It is like the someone does something wrong, everyone gets punished attitude that I hate so much.

As I said in my post, I was 11 in my last upgrade 😡


Did you have status or non-rev?

Just to clarify, I don’t believe that kids should be banned. Quite the opposite, with what I might do added in.

What do you mean by that.

This is honestly coming from a guy with no parenting experience and has never flown a true premium cabin, so maybe someone with both could chime in, like @Chris_S

I think more airlines would think to ban children however if they have parents travelling with them who don’t want to leave their children after all there is likely a reason they are flying somewhere together as they want some company with each other so think about the loss of revenue from them all flying economy. A few airlines do it though.

Bluepanda said he was upgraded multiple times.