Should Kathmandu Airport build bigger?

Kathmandu Airport, as know as VNKT, one rw, 02 and 20. All rw don’t have ILS approach

About Kathmandu:


*This is my own idea:

yes, this is a good idea!!
Kathmandu is a large and hot spot of travelling, so it will have many planes to land in. The plane doesn’t have enough space to park. If they build larger, their tourism will earn more money. It depends on how many route Tara Air operate.

no, it is a bad idea. Kathmandu isn’t a poor country. Firstly, I think they don’t have enough money to build larger. Second, they don’t have many big planes land on it and international route is less. Most are domestic flight. So it is unnecessary.

What do you think? PLZ vote it if you can!!

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  • No

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Well, this is a very simple answer. Yes. And no.

Demographically, Nepal is a landlocked nation and due to its size and financial status, it’s often subject to hardships from both China and India. Most of the goods imported into the country come by road and are usually linked to sea routes in port cities like Kolkata, Bhubneshwar, Mumbai, etc. These are usually subject to tariffs and very expensive transportation costs.

Due to the size restriction of the airport because of the surrounding dwellings, it seems unlikely Kathmandu can expand without public unrest but it is VERY MUCH needed that they are able to handle cargo operations and big 747’s and 777’s at a dedicated cargo facility. Where? Well, that’s up to to the Nepali government to decide.

Another option is to look at flat land elsewhere and invest big in a cargo hub airport and roadways leading down to Kathmandu from the location. Why only a cargo-hub airport and not a major passenger one? The land is scarcely available in the country and it makes sense to invest accordingly.


No, I don’t think Kathmandu should build a ‘bigger’ airport. I have experienced both the international and domestic terminals at Kathmandu, and they both have the capacity and need for Nepal.

Would it be nice for a renovation? Short answer, yes. However, due to Nepal’s unique political climate, a renovation at Tribhuavan Intl won’t happen.

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Yes. Something you are right

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It’s not a country.


You do realize they might just suddenly get money from China to build a new airport. Since Nepal is one of the Pro-PRC nations.


Yes. Agree

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