Should JetBlue go transatlantic? (updated with poll)


I think that JetBlue should go transatlantic, but with something like the new 797. The 797 is supposed to be released within the next year or two, so it could be a possibility for JetBlue to use for transatlantic service.


I’m pretty sure we established that isn’t happening


I’m not sure what you mean


Yes, I doubt it will. I think the topic frankly could be closed, but I am not sure it needs closed…


If Jetblue does go Transatlantic as I said before there best suit would be the A321LR and they are a budget airline so they would fly to like stansted or Gatwick or something not Heathrow I believe that is just my speculation


I think he means that the 797 isn’t going to be in service until at least the mid-2020s. It isn’t even officially called the 797 yet, just the NMA. Not really a viable thing to think about for this topic, but it is an exciting prospect for the future.


Air canada operate the 737 max 8 from LHR to halifax as well, theres no issue with range


I don’t think JB will do that, well, not 100 percent, because of their JV with Hawaiian, they just use their planes when booking.


Ok now I understand, I thought he meant the 797 wasn’t happening at all.


I feel like if JetBlue were to do this, their best bet would be to purchase the A3212ULR, as it would provide the longest range in the family of aircraft JetBlue uses


I don’t really think JetBlue will go with the A350. I mean you never know what can happen but I doubt it highley that JetBlue will do that!


Range isn’t the issue. I just don’t like flying in a single-isle plane when flying over the ocean. For me, I am just more comfortable in a larger plane when flying over an ocean. Do I think the 737 is great? Yes! Of course! But that is for continental flying. Not transoceanic flying.


I highly agree. I think they will also go transatlantic. I think they will have a better product with a cheaper price as they have done with Mint.