Should JetBlue go transatlantic? (updated with poll)


JetBlue has options for 15 A321NeoLR. The 321LR is indeed an A321neo with a difference in fuel tanks and a few other odds and ends. They will most likely exercise said options

As for the widebodies, there’s been many a rumor but they’ve all been debunked so far. The current big rumor (that could likely come true) is the C-Series order to replace the E190E2 order which has been deferred several times iirc.

B6 A321LR Article


Everyone here is dreaming, be realistic, T5 at JFK doesnt have he capacity for many widebody gates, JetBlue will 100% start with the A321LR. There product is top notch and will be competitive with other airlines that fly TATL from JFK


Iirc they shuffled the A330’s of Aer Lingus and Hawaiian from gate 14 over to like gate 27 or something. People are talking about B6 A330’s and 350’s and it hurts my head lol. 100% we’ll see A321NeoLR and then 90% we’ll see C series


No offense but I don’t think an airline is thinking “exciting” when they choose aircraft. They are thinking fuel efficient. They are thinking most amount of passanegrs they can fit on. They are thinking demand of a route. The last thing in their mind is “I hope those avgeeks enjoy this plane. We picked it out for them.”


Norwegian is doing it with thier 737 MAX 8s from low demand airports. So I think they should do high demand routes with A330neos and low demand routes with A321neos. I think they’ll beat the norwegian because jetblue it’s has mint class and services are good:)


Yea JetBlue is looking for something with better efficiency than the E190 but less capacity than the A320


They are interested on the CS series!!


Plus one on the “exciting” I think some folks need to look into PRASM and CASM etc


In my opinion, JetBlue should take on the longer haul aircraft as they would make more profit in the long run but at the same time would need to buy at least four larger aircraft to start longer haul routes to Europe for such place as LAX and DFW Example Qantas had waited till they received 4 787-9s to fly the Melbourne-Perth-London Route with the route time being 6 hours longer then the Melbourne-LAX route However the aircraft that flew the Inagrual Flight from Melbourne-LAX flight had been tested in different Australian conditions therefore proving there stability but the fourth aircraft which was recently acquired for the route of Melbourne-Perth-London was not completely tested yet in weather of Australia this meant that they need a backup plane for there route if you get what I’m saying now.


jetBlue will not be flying from LAX or DFW to Europe.
They will not be purchasing widebody aircraft.

If jetBlue is testing a new market why would they add more risk?


If anything its likely for JetBlue To go with the A321L for (possible flights from NY-Paris or London ETC) keep in mind they are a BUDGET AIRLINE and have a contract option to change from the A321neo to the A321 LR


As a stockholder in JBLU I can tell you from their last earnings report that there waas a lot of talk about the emerging market for JBLU in MCO. No Jetblue will not be purchasing longer hauled aircraft anytime soon. No they will not be setting up interantional routes to Australia, Asia, or Africa. They will continue to expand their route system out of KBOS, KJFK, and KMCO (yes not KFLL). Those airports will be expected to become the main bases of operation for JBLU in the future. In regards to KMCO, Jetblue’s cadet program facility is based at KMCO and there was a strong bid from Orlando in 2012 to be the new headquarters of JBLU. While that didnt happen MCO has become the leading airport in Florida, and a much more attractive market for JBLU to serve compared to KFLL. With JBLU being the first and largest operator out of the currently under construction terminal C at KMCO, Jetblue will be opening increasing their daily flights capacity at KMCO by 58% to 100 flights per day.This will result in a moving a large amount of flights from KFLL to KMCO and focusing KMCO as their Latin America entry point.

JBLU is also looking strongly into a larger order of A321LRs for KBOS/KJFK-Europe flights in the near future but any announcement is not expect for a few years as Jetblue begins to assess a west coast hub and deals with the incerased costs from the recent unionizing of their flight crew.


Thanks for your opinion (or fact), just re read that and it has some really good stuff…


There is already many airlines that go Transatlantic for a reasonable price. I don’t think JetBlue is going to be a competition for any other airlines. Not a good idea.


JetBlue has arguably the best economy product and a very competitive premium product


If JetBlue is able to get an aircraft is has the capability to go transatlantic, then sure. But if JetBlue decides to start flying from JFK to Heathrow in an A320, there is no way in hell I am getting aboard that flight!


Why not? (Just curious)


Why not? Because when I go across an ocean I would like to be in a plane that will still have fuel left in the tank when I land.


There are transatlantic A320 flights every day!

WOW has flown an A321 as far as LAX to Iceland! There wouldn’t be a range problem…


In my head, A320 and transatlantic just doesn’t mix. IDK, maybe it is just me, but I like a bigger plane when going over an ocean.