Should JetBlue go transatlantic? (updated with poll)


I think they should go with the A321neo if they want to go transatlantic.


Well, it’s interesting because I think A350 is more suitable for them, especially the 35K.


They will go transatlantic within the next few years with the A321LR, no doubts, and they will compete with full service carriers, not LCC’s.


If JetBlue were to start transatlantic routes soon the A321LR would be the perfect aircraft. I’ve heard the mint service is great and their cabin can definitely compete with full service carriers. I also think JetBlue should operate the A330neo on higher demand routes out of JFK and BOS, maybe even out of FLL


Even though the A321 can go a medium-long Haul Flight, they should try something new because the A321 doesn’t really excite you for a 6-12 Hour Flight… Maybe the A330 if it’s not to expensive for them…


They also have the option to pull from the A321NEOS and Opt for the longer range A321LR If they do that then why not go trans Atlantic nothing to long but maybe start with a real popular route Maybe JFK-Stansted or JFK-Gatwick as you would not want to go to Heathrow cause again JetBlue is a budget airline but these would be great options for The airline and overall I think the airline will Improve drastically when doing this(If they chose to do this)


The only way that I would fly JetBlue would be if they fly transatlantic. Therefore, they should do it!


I think they will stick with Airbus and go A330 or A350(A330neo likely)


I’d like to be on the mint first class for 5 hours that would be nice


The 321 has plenty of range, don’t see why a flight to Heathrow would be a bad idea. If they needed, they could get A321NEO, but I don’t think it’s necessary/


They need the A321LR


I have just spent some time stuiding the ‘Mint’ Product. What a fantastic product that is, i really hope they do strech beyond the States!


they also are ordering the 321lr which has a 7500km range easily crossing the atlantic from nyc to london or paris and even as far as germany, also the a321lr is quite a low capacity plane, due to the extra fuel tanks meaning jetblue could do high frequency flights on their high demand routes and start up low demand cross channel routes as well due to them using a smaller plane


They also have expressed interest in ordering the a330neo (from what I’ve heard)


thats interesting because that opens up transpacific and west coast to europe and even down to south america e.g rio and sao paulo i hadn’t heard about that


It does seem hard to be a major carrier in this market with nithing larger than a 321…


Idk in the end its their decision aslong as its not a boeing because jetblue looks beautiful on airbus!!:) Plus the A38N is cheaper!!


The A321NEO or A321 would be perfect for services out of KBLD (Hartford) and KMHT (Manchester, NH)


Also for the A330NEO, I think jetBlue would have a First Class with Mint Suites and Business class with Mint Seats. The first class Suites would be in a 1 by 2 by 1 configuration, and the Business would be in a configuration simmilar to SWISS. Also, I think jetBlue will turn Even More Space, into a product simmilar to Luthansa’s Premium Economey. That would be in a 2 by 3 by 2 configuration. The Coach would be in a 2 by 4 by 2, or a 3 by 3 by 3 configuration.

Wrap up my idea:
Mint Suite (First) (1 cabin)
Mint (Business) (2 cabins)
Even More Space (Prenium Economey) (1 cabin)
Coach (Economey) (1 cabin

What do you think?


Well, a few things JetBlue can do if they have their 350, similar to MU’s 33L.
Mint (1-2-1) (2 cabins) (Zodiac SKYlounge Core/Thompson Vantage XL)
Even More Space (2-3-2) (1 cabin) (Recaro PL3530/Zodiac AIRgo FX premium)
Core (3-3-3/2-4-2) (2 cabins) (Recaro CL3710)

My personal fav is Thompson Vantage XL+Recaro PL3530+3-3-3 Revaro CL3710.