Should JetBlue go transatlantic? (updated with poll)


JetBlue has for a while talked about the possibility of going to Europe, and deep into South America. The low cost carrier does seem in a position to do this, but how and why would they, let’s explore this, and rember to post your opinion in the comments below…

For a while JetBlue has explored this possibility, but this article ( they would decide by the end of 2017, I can’t find an official decision, but let’s explore how, and why regardless. Now they offer cheap flights, and have actually surprisingly good service eaven in economy. The service is eaven good compared to some much more expensive airlines such as United, or American. The Mint service on their A321 aircraft is eaven better, it offers what would be considered by many a fully First Class feel on routes such as NYC to LAX, where other airlines rarely have anything much more than business class, or extra leg room.
More or less in terms of service if they entered this market they would be very well placed to steal costumes from other low cost carriers such as Norwegian, WOW, etc. so in this category they get one big check for going…✅

Now their fleet falls a bit short, but a few rumors are amidst that a significant JetBlue fleet shake up may be coming, ERJ may be replaced by the C series, and while this may be a transatlantic candidate, I don’t see JetBlue buying them just for that. What is more likely is a replacement or supplement to the 321. Now some things I have seen say that JetBlue may be looking at larger aircraft such as the 78, 350, or 330neo. Those definitely have pros, it does seem with every seat entertainment, and first class competition on domestic flights, it does seem like they could give a transatlantic route good accommodations for a reasonable price as discussed above. It eaven seems good enough that they could probably pull a significant number out from other low cost transatlantic carriers, and definitely some form name brand carriers such as BA, or American. With this likely popularity a larger plane seems justified, and byond reasonable reasons, I would absolutely love to see a JetBlue livery on a 78. But unfortunately what seems more likely is to purchase the 321LR, this would fit nicely into their majority 320 family fleet, and many pilots maintenance crews, gates, etc. would be compatible. Main problem I see with this, is it seems they are pushing a Mint service on this possibility, makes sense. Only problem is on a 321 putting more that they already have of the Mint seats would eat away at a 321 pretty quick, wich definitely supports the larger aircraft. So here I would lean towards the larger aircraft on this one. A larger aircraft would also give them more opportunities for long range expansion later.

In conclusion my opinion is this would probably work for them, and a larger aircraft would certainly have benefits, as would the smaller one, but more expansion benefits on the larger 78, or 350s seem as though they would be better, but let me know what you think, and as always fly safe, KPIT…🙃

P.S, pleas take the poll would you?

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They’re ordering the A321neo.


Are you sure? I couldn’t find anything about it…


Also do you k ow it is for transatlantic flights? They are doing alot of Mint expansions…



Thanks for lettimg me know, it still seems they could use new aircraft…


They do fly international


Actualy this is true, thanks for telling me, I should have thought of that…

I will change the title


They fly to South America, Central America, and the Caribbean!


Dont forget colombia


Not only should they go Transatlantic, with the 321LR(NEO) obviously, they should go Transpacific with, well, maybe the 35K, or maybe the 321LR with a stop in Hawaii and Guam. As a frequent flyer, especially on transpacific routes from China to the U.S., the only reason I don’t fly on JetBlue as often is that they don’t go transpacific. A few route suggestions for them? Shanghai to JFK, stop the “China Eastern only” madness. Shanghai to Boston, stop the “Hainan Airlines only” madness. So, a hard 20/20!


Where’s the poll? Sorry if I am asking and it is there. Lol


Sorry, I had to have it removed, and I just got back on with it removed, I am readding a propper poll


Ok awesome! Good luck with it!


Got it in there, you may vote now


I think for transpacific they should go with an A330neo just for the higher payload over the a321lr and idk why but i feel like JetBlue just suits the a330


I think it would be cool to see a JetBlue A330…


Ya, once I get home, I will share it here, but I did a pretty good drawing if a JetBlue A350-800 and it is gorgeous


I mean the drawingvis 50/50, but the livery is amazing


At any rate glad to see my favroite airline is expanding!