Should Infinite Flight work on the scenery more?

Hey guys! I’ve been looking at the scenery lately and nothing hasn’t changed a lot for the ground scenery. I was always wanting to ask this question: should the IF team work on the scenery more so it can look like X-Plane’s scenery?

Credit: Laminar Research

By looking at Infinite Flight’s scenery, it looks more like GeoFS’s scenery.


Yes for sure.

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Project Metal is the exact name for it, what IF is working on to improve scenery. You can read more below.


They’d love to expand their quality of scenery. Although, being on a mobile platform primarily it would be a huge performance draw back and would cost a lot of money to get more detailed scenery. As Thunderbolt mentioned above, Project Metal can help in the future bring this as device capabilities expand.


There is a great feature thread here from a community member about getting Global 4K Scenery:

You can vote there to hopefully get it added soon! :D


Thank you guys for the help!

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I mean infinite flight’s hands are tied sum what. Though mobile devices are getting much better, very fast, X-Plane on a high end computer still has considerably more resources to play with, so every extra bit of goodness in the ground very likely means one less bit of goodness in the planes or outer things like clouds and lightning improvements that we know are somewhere in the pipes. Add that to the fact that there are sum what limited databases for true worldwide scenery, not to mention the cost of those, and infinite flight can’t at this time rely on third party development to get better scenery for specific locations. Infinite still has the best scenery, buildings aside, out there for mobile, and there’s a lot of stuff in the way of significant improvements, so I’m going to have to say just leave it, it’s more than adequate…

Thanks for the info
At least Infinite Flight is doing better over the years

As much as if needs to improve on the scenery they also want to think about the accessibility. If someone with an old I Phone has trouble with the simulator what would happen if IF introduced the upgraded scenery?

That’s either an old screenshot or your scenery didn’t load up.

At the question “Should” you can argue that no since the focus has been on IFR lately.
Thanks to the Satellite imagery you can still fly VFR, it requires a lot of time looking back and forth on the charts to compare but I’ve done it a lot and it works just fine.

They will work on scenery, but no need to force the process anyway in my opinion.


Then the new scenery might not work for the old iPhone as an old iPhone can’t run 4K graphics

I’m in no rush for the 4K scenery they are working on
but for now I can wait

That was a rhetorical question btw

I was just flying here today. This isn’t at all what it looks like.

If anything Infinite Flight should work on the ground textures for the tarmac, taxiways and runways. It’s the same texture block repeated over and over, and its obvious where it ends and starts again. We need more discoloration, tire marks and better texture colors to make it feel more like its asphalt and concrete.
Current airport textures feel too “clean”.


If you would like to find some scenery, check out Alice Springs, Australia (middle). Here you can find Uluru, aka Ayers Rock and the Kata Djuta (The Olgas).

I agree with your idea though. IF does need better scenery.

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welp, the scenery looks way better from the skyyyy.


Well besides all that, it’s a bit weird when airports appear out of nowhere on top of their own little plateaus and show up hd against the kinda blurry ground

I mean there’s global airports though I can’t really complain


Thank you everyone for the replies you’ve given to me!

To my knowledge, Project Metal has nothing to do with better scenery. That link you posted (and the blog article contained within) doesn’t even mention scenery.