Should infinite flight focus on more airports outside America and Europe?

When using Infinite flight, I’ve noticed that there are many 3d airports in America and Europe. Many that are pretty small airports. Now there are great things about this. One example is my airport KBOS being added. It was added pretty quickly. All of the major American carriers are added, same with most of the European carriers. However, I often get the feeling that there aren’t as many Airports in places such as Asia and Africa especially. For example, New Delhi, Shanghai, Lagos, Riyadh Kuala Lumpur, Casablanca, many other Chinese airports (I’m saying this because China has a huge population) many other Indian airports and more. As for airlines, there are many Indian and Chinese carriers that could be added. India had a lot of routes that could be flown with different airlines such as Go First. I do think that adding the Vistara a320 helped a lot though. For Chinese carriers, China Eastern 737 and possibly 777, Air china 737 or a320 or 777, China southern 737 or a320, hainan a320, and hainan Dreamliner. Of course, China has many other airlines as well. Perhaps an Ethiopian 737 could be a good edition to infinite flight. My point is there are many airports outside America and Europe that could be added, and there are many airlines, too. This is just my idea, though I’ve found that many others support this type of idea too. I’d definitely appreciate it if you guys share your opinion here. Keep in mind that I’m at TL1, so I can’t vote yet, and I’m not trying to vote using this topic.


Remember that IFAET are volunteers, they are allowed to choose any airport in the world. It has been said by a trusted source in the IF discord (I forgot who specifically) that the next update will contain the most amount of 3D airports ever added. It could surprise you


Yes, yes yes is the only right answer.

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Hi! Airports are built by the IFAET, and they are allowed to build any airport they want. Sometimes this will mean not all regions will have an equal amount of airports. But don’t worry, eventually we’ll get to many of those airports outside North America and Europe

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I’m not saying infinite flight should force anything on them. This is just an idea, not a command. Perhaps maybe this idea could be brought to the people who make airports, but it’s an idea, not a demand.

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Hey Rohan,

Editors tend to go for regions they are familiar with, and with the majority of editors especislly earlier on being from North America and Europe (as it was the more active people, beta testers and original IFAET member that were editing before applications began).

In more recent times we’ve had editors from less common regions join and really give their countries some light, such as Collins4486 with Ireland, Elefanths (and others) with Norway, IF_Hadi with Saudi Arabia, FlightGT & Korgast (plus others) with China and many other editors and places.

We’ve also got editors including myself working across leaser common regions, such as Africa. Places such as Algiers, Casablanca, Lagos, Luanda, Dar-es-Salaam, and Maputo are places that have had, or are having some attention towards completion.

There’s no place lacking attention without a doubt, it’s just a matter of when they’ll be released. The next update 22.7 will feature quite a high number of airports, and places like India and China aren’t being slept on for their total number of 3D airports! 😉


Ty. I appreciate the work that you and many editors are doing. I think this will help the game.

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I agree that we need some of the workhorses from major players. Only having wide- or narrowbodies of some of the biggest airlines of their respective continent or the world is a bit unfortunate.

You can, you just can’t create posts in the #features category. Right now you are limited to 5 votes.


A lot of these are in progress, here are some threads you may like:


Slightly related but slightly not… I noticed that on the ATC list every month without fail we are going to New Zealand? There are plenty of countries we can go to in Africa and smaller countries in Europe. I also noticed that Chinese carriers are poorly represented. I think we need alot more diversity in infinite flight

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Coincidence, I think. You can find how the schedule is made here:

Just to add on to the previous mentions, a reason why many editors choose to do North America or Europe is particularly due to imagery available. Google Earth has lots of airports in these regions in 3D, making our work easier and MUCH more accurate. Other regions have poor quality imagery, and can often lack reference photos, meaning editors dont necessarily wish to do them, as the output could be unrealistic, unless they have someone actually go and physically take photos.
This update will hopefully put your mind at rest, as mentioned before here and in the Discord server, there will be plently of new airports from many regions coming this update!