Should I worry about it? [SOLVED]

Hello IFC, it’s me again… today I had a really extrange situation while flying, to start the only devices where my account is loged in is in my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A5) my dad’s phone (Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime) and my mom’s tablet (iPad Air). Now the story… I was flying in a B737-700 callsing Southwest 272 from KSAN to KLAX, I was at 16nm of LAX when the connection disconected and a message came up saying something like that another user was using my account… the thing is that my mom’s tablet is in my home (where actually Im not there) and my dad was not using the simulator, the message came up twice, so this gives me two options, or my house is being stolen or someone got my account and is flying with no permission, I know my user statistics so I really can have a little of “secure” but you can buy things in the app so it’s not that “secure”. Well, mods, members… I need your help, my home is secure so it’s not being stolen… also I think it’s not the last version, I will check that. Thank you.

Safe landings, Lucas.

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It has happened to me before while only using one device. I wouldn’t worry about it much to be honest.



This can happen if you are experience brief connection drops in a session. It may not even be noticeable for you, but it’s enough for the servers as they probably didn’t recognize a disconnect, just a new connect with the same account.

Nothing to worry about!


"This is a known issue when there are minor connection issues on the server. When you briefly lose connection and reconnect, sometimes the system registers that another user (you) is using the account.

Stats are sent to the server periodically throughout your flight so you’ll still receive credit for the flight time you did achieve. If the issue persists, end flight, close the app, relaunch, and you’ll be good to go."