Should I wait for global?

Should I wait for global flight or should I just by some regions?

Who said the regions would be free? You ate misinformed


I would personally recommend getting Live+, like always. Otherwise, I would recommend maybe buying one or two regions, like Hawaii and Denver since those two are very popular. But that is just my opinion.


You mean the regions for global

You’re gonna probably have to end up paying for Global one way or another

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Yea ok ,thx

There will be no regions in Global, you spawn at any airport in the world.


If you want a specific region now, then I would buy it, as it is unknown when global will come out, however I would imagine all of the current regions would be changed or removed, so you may end up buying it again, depending on how it is priced.

So they won’t be keeping the current airports in global?

The current airports will stay, however the regions, for example, SoCal, London, etc. could be removed and replaced with something different, however the developers have not announced anything regarding global beyond the teaser.


I’m curious as to how they will organize the selection menus for global… there is something good to speculate on imo



Regions are for the birds.

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