Should I use an actual picture of myself for my profile picture?

I see people with pictures of planes in there profile picture but its not bad to use an actual picture of yourself on here,right?


You are free to use any profile picture you like, so long it’s not offensive… Common sense actually lol

Best not to. The internet can be a cruel place, my friend…


I guess Im going to stick to the pic of me. This is a nice website. No weirdos here lol

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You’ll see… Lol but I personally don’t find anything wrong with using an actual photo or yourself

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It’s perfectly fine. There’s no rule that says you can’t. It’s completely up to your discretion, you can weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of it and make your decision.

Will do. Thanks for your guys opinions. I Appreciate it

Yeah you should be safe here to post a pic of yourself as your profile.

I have ever since joined

I have a pic of my dogs nose.


Always been wondering what yours was. Makes sense now you told it.

Doesn’t fit #meta category.