Should I Upgrade?

Hello all! I have a perfect fine Samsung Galaxy S8+, but recently (I believe due to the note9), my carrier asked if I wanted to upgrade to a Note8. This offer Has. Me. Torn. Due to one of my younger sisters wanting a phone, I was thinking of giving my current one to her and upgrade. On the other hand, she is only 11 and would be a data big in our family.

  • Upgrade and be a nice brother
  • Don’t upgrade and save your family money

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Whats the extra cost?

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$549.00, but I have enough money

I definitely recommend switching to the note series. The stylus is incredibly convenient and there are quite a few awesome features that come with it. Also makes controlling virtually accident free as you dont have to worry about fat finger syndrome.

I would not recommend it at all. It’s not a huge upgrade and you could simply buy a budget smartphone for £100 for your sibling even though in my opinion an 11 year old does not need a phone.


I agree with you here. 13-15 years of age in my opinion is appropriate for a first phone. In this instance, I would take the upgrade and hold onto the S8+ as a spare device in case a family member’s phone breaks


I would recommend to wait off for the S10 or the Note 10 next year. Sure they’ll be at much higher price, but it’s more worth to wait and see what Samsung has in store for us next year.

I own the S8, non plus variant, I’m personally waiting off til next year to see what their unveil for us. I was originally thinking of switching to the Note series through the Note 8 but decided against that, and that may have been good reason that I didn’t opt for the Note 8 back then, instead waited off, and now waiting for the S10 to be announced officially :)


The next S series will get unveiled in the spring. The Note9 has only been out for a month and a half. If he wants to stay with the S series, wait til spring. If he wants to switch to the Note series, make the switch.

The reason why I made this topic is because I don’t know what I want to do

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Yup, It’s expected that they’ll unveil in MWC 2019 (February 25-28), basically when they usually, most of the time unveil their new Galaxy S Series phone :)

@Vlad_Wallace, I’d say Wait! Wait til next year and watch Samsung Unleash the Beast ;)

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You already know my stance. I’ll let others weigh in as well

I wouldn’t recommend it. You won’t get an upgrade in performance since both of them have almost the same specs. The Note 8 even has a smaller battery.

And in this case, you would be a nice brother if you don’t give it to your sister so that she can focus on school and doesn’t get addicted. The risk, especially at this age, is high.

Just as the others mentioned, the Galaxy S10 isn’t too far away. It will most likely be my next device. The upgrade in performance and features will be very good. :)


Wait till the SX, S10, whatever. It’ll be worth it. I’ll be getting it, lel

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