Should I update to Ipad OS considering recent technical issue claims

Hello Guys, First off I would like to apologise if this is a duplicate forum post. Secondly I have been wanting to update to the new Ipad OS update but due to recent claims that have been complaining that the new update is affecting Infinite flight I have held back and waited for reviews. At the moment I’m confused whether or not I should update because I do ver much care about my IF experience,

Thank you.
Device: IPad Pro 10.5 inch 2018 model.

Are you talking about IOS 13.1.1?

Yes. The new IOS 13.1.1 update.

There have been issues with IF being optimized for IOS 13.1.1. Replays being lost, buttons where they shouldn’t be, etc. I’d personally wait until the next bug fix, as it will probably optimize IF for IOS 13.1.1. Just check the app store for the update every now and then.

I have iPadOS 13.1.2 on my iPad Pro 11” and it runs like a dream! IF works great, everything’s working just fine.

No complaints from me.

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It works fine, I have the new iOS update.

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*With some people

If IF is your life not really if you’re still running iOS 12 (a bit laggy under iOS 13). Otherwise no problem. Yesterday they released iOS 13.1.3

I tend to get a TINY bit of lag on iOS 13.1.2-but it could be the promotion display being so fast. Was def worse w 13.1.1

Tbh, I use it, no problems here. Using iPad Air 2.

The only fear I have is updating to ios 13.1.3 and receiving alot of lagg, issues and problems. Maybe wait a few more days?

You can do two things. 1) Backup your device and then update, you may as many have reported across the web, experience performance issues. 2) Just hold out for a more stable build (as someone who’s updated, it is not fun when it goes wrong).

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Both my iPhone and iPad are on the same most current iOS version, and I have absolutely no issues with anything…

Especially with the 13.1.3 update some games feel noticeably better on my iPhone 11 pro, but as I’m sure you can imagine, they ran fantastically before, my iPad Mini 4 is still on 13.1, but when I updated that I noticed nothing different interns of game performance, things if anything felt better, some multitasking tasks are extremely slow, but that is likely because that device is at the very bottom of the supported list, multitasking was slow in 12 too…

I have the iPad Pro 10.5 2018 as well, running the latest iPad OS. No issues for me.

I updated to 13.2-11” iPad Pro late 2018 and still have a few stutter/delay type issues on the ground when I pan around. Other than that things are fine.

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