Should I tune into airport frequencies when i'm flying over it?

Hi, as the topic suggests, do I tune into airport frequencies/unicoms when flying over the airport?

Nope. Just tune into them if you are landing at the airport.

There is no need to tune into every airport that you fly over . :)


But to add realism, do I tune into them? Cus I see pilots doing that irl

Pilots tune into certain frequencies that control certain airspace. Not to every airport, they would be continuously changing frequencies.


Pilots tune into radar frequencies like Center. In IF we only have Approach and Departure as radar freqs. Tune into Approach when you have the intention to land at the airport and you‘re at or below FL180 or when tower instructs you to do so after takeoff. Tune into Departure when you get a handoff (sometimes Departure frequency assists with approaching traffic) or when tower gives you the handoff right after departure.


This gives you some kind of idea.

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Thank you @JerseyAnt and @sebi-ue



It depends.

If you are flying at cruise level (above FL180) you do not need to contact any controller (radar, tower…)

If you are flying below FL180 regardless of your intentions, you may contact a radar controller.

If you are flying below 5000ft AAL of an controlled airport, you need to contact tower, except the case you are tuned into a radar frecuency. Notice that in busy airspaces with no radar, tower can on-guard you at or below 10000ft AAL.

So in conclusion, with radar you should contact when passing airspace below FL180, otherwise no need

This is in the IF simulator

Hope this helps!


Adding: Pilots do not tune into Ground, Tower or Departure/Approach when cruising above FL180 IRL either. They switch from one center control to another, but as Center isn’t present in IF, we can cruise above FL180 without contact to ATC.


Here is what you might be looking for.

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