Should I Trust ATC!

feel your pain! I have re-joined IF online after a break of a few years (loving all the improvements whilst I have been away BTW!) and have to get my 90 day currency up on landings and flight time in order to get back onto the expert server. On the Casual and Training Server there are some intresting tactics by my fellow fliers…respecting others airspace is not one of them!

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Unless I’m controlling somewhere on the Training Server 😂😂

Then you’ll get great ATC service 👍 @aljo_jose


There are some great controllers on the training server. Some don’t have time or commitment to go through IFATC training but still provide a great service. However, pilots often don’t follow instructions simply because they can get away with it which ruins the overall service provided.

That doesn’t mean we can blindly trust controllers, even on the Expert Server, trust but verify. Controllers can make mistakes and good pilots are always ready to act accordingly. Reject takeoff if someone’s crossing, or go around if runway isn’t clear etc.

Nice screenshot btw! :)



To get high realism (and with that safety🤣) I would always recommend to fly in the Expert Server. Apart from the point, that you have some unsafe people there too, you definitely get more accurate and safe replies to your position announcement, as well as air traffic coordination.

But sometimes, you get pilots in aeroplanes ahead of you, which arent the fastest so you will get trouble there too.
So the point is, that YOU are pilot, you make decisions. And if this situation doesn’t seem to be safe for you, abort the approach and make a go around - unnecessary what ATC think of it, you have to bring the airplane safely on the ground.


It could also have been because the A380 simply refused to follow instructions which, as a training controller myself, is the one situation I wish I had enough time to become IFATC

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Hear this question time and time again. You’re the PIC. Do what you must to ensure safety and follow flight rules. If something is off, assume ATC doesn’t see it, and be proactive.

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I could have rejected the landing if i could see that big boy ,but since it was dark and that aircraft didn’t had any strobe or landing lights there wasn’t no way i could have seen him .

But this time condition was lot worse.

I didn’t heard any communication with this A380 call sign, i was alert on atc messages

How close you were to the runway when you decided to go around? Judging from what I see in the photo you attached, I would have done a Go-Around.

ATC on the Training Server is just as accessible as you taking a B777 for a spin. Users can come and go as they will, and control and operate as they will, hence the name, “Training Sever.”

This server is unlike the Expert Server which we at IFATC provide quality and professional operations and staffing at the designated airport for said day of the week. You should always trust the given controller on the Expert Server. Failure to do so will result in reports - just throwing it out there plain and simple. Always assume good intentions with controllers on the Expert Server, since we have gone through extensive training to get to that point.

On the other hand, the Training Server is an environment that is not closely monitored and can be chaotic. I strongly advise caution when using coms on TS. Besides that, TS is a great place to have fun and build up your skills here on the community. :)

Have you ever heard of a troller? They usually dont follow instructions and do as they please. You encountered one, this wasnt the ATC fault and yet you are blaming it on them. There is nothing controllers can do about that, they try their best to maintain the trolling but sometimes it cant be stopped. Also you dont need ATC to tell you to go around, you can do it yourself to avoid this.

It depends, some people are actually pretty good at doing ATC, I for one love doing it and I take it seriously. But there are some people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing and/or just don’t care. So ATC is very hit or miss when it comes to the Training Server.

I wish the controllers on the T/S could issue lvl 2/3 violations

Let’s not… That system will definitely be abused to its limits …

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Yes, I like that

ooh, I hate that idea! The only way this idea could possibly endorsed is if ATC on the TS was under the same qualification requirements as the ES.

Like @Jw2004 said, under the current set-up of anyone able to be a controller in the TS, issuing violations would be abused up the wazoo!

I don’t know about that, maybe do smtn simular to the expert server w/ IFATC, but lower those requirements for the T/S???

I would be very cautious about that. The reason that ATC requirements are so high for IFATC is for two reasons.

1.) to maintain quality and professionalism of the Expert Server

2.) To also discourage spammers/trollers from attempting to gain IFATC status. When you lower the requirements, trollers could see that as an opportunity to gain IFATC status and then screw with everyone.

Actually it was pitch dark i didn’t see him yet, this i screenshot i took by keeping the time to noon, so we can that A380. I could have seen him if he had turned on his strobe landing lights

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