Should I Trust ATC!

Today i was flying from LFBO - EGLL(TRAINING SERVER) during night my call sign was EXPRESS INDIA 278KF HEAVY. It was about 2 hrs flight. When i reached for final approach there was a united flight going ahead of me towards runway 27L we had enough space between us. I got clearance for landing at 27L. Since it was night i could only see the runway ahead of me. To make sure the UNITED that went ahead cleared the runway i reported my position FINAL on 27L to make sure its good to go. Reply was ROGER and i confirmed but when i reached about less than 1 nm i could see a one big boy A380 on the runway without strobe or landing lights laying like a crocodile to catch its prey. There was no time to take a missed Approach or go Arround i just took my boeing777-300er a bit up and landed somewhat safely away from that big boy. I checked A380 PROFILE he just got from grade 1 have have some history of violations he was a newbie, it’s okay but ATC could keep a eye on runways always.

And i shouldn’t have trusted ATC that much
What u guys think ?

I have added the picture for reference, kept time to noon so you guys a can take a glimpse without stress.


This is an essential part for the answer to your question.

No, you should not trust ATC on the training server, as anyone who wishes can open a frequency there.

Better service by miles is found on the expert server, where controllers have to pass theoretical and practical tests before being allowed to control.


It’s Training server. Don’t trust it, especially at EGLL.


Was this the person with the United callsign? Or an entirely different person?

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United was A320 ,this was entirely different person.

Oh alright

It took me a little bit to accept this myself. Once I realized how unprofessional people can be on the Training Server, I started to grind my butt off for Grade 3.

And now I’m only 9 landings away!

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I would still go around tbh

Training server memories, man

Me too i need few XP and landings too within 20 days i could achieve it.

You’re asking a bit much from Training Server to be honest. Training Server ATC is like the name suggests: for training purposes. If you want ATC you can trust, turn Grade 3 and have IFATC help you out there as they’re trained to be competent air traffic controllers 🙂.

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Here is the answer:

Don’t fly there

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You shouldn’t expect a good flying experience in training server, especially at popular airports like EGLL. Most people there fly anyways they want. If you want more realistic experiences, go do landings and level up then fly in expert server.

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feel your pain! I have re-joined IF online after a break of a few years (loving all the improvements whilst I have been away BTW!) and have to get my 90 day currency up on landings and flight time in order to get back onto the expert server. On the Casual and Training Server there are some intresting tactics by my fellow fliers…respecting others airspace is not one of them!

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Unless I’m controlling somewhere on the Training Server 😂😂

Then you’ll get great ATC service 👍 @aljo_jose


There are some great controllers on the training server. Some don’t have time or commitment to go through IFATC training but still provide a great service. However, pilots often don’t follow instructions simply because they can get away with it which ruins the overall service provided.

That doesn’t mean we can blindly trust controllers, even on the Expert Server, trust but verify. Controllers can make mistakes and good pilots are always ready to act accordingly. Reject takeoff if someone’s crossing, or go around if runway isn’t clear etc.

Nice screenshot btw! :)



To get high realism (and with that safety🤣) I would always recommend to fly in the Expert Server. Apart from the point, that you have some unsafe people there too, you definitely get more accurate and safe replies to your position announcement, as well as air traffic coordination.

But sometimes, you get pilots in aeroplanes ahead of you, which arent the fastest so you will get trouble there too.
So the point is, that YOU are pilot, you make decisions. And if this situation doesn’t seem to be safe for you, abort the approach and make a go around - unnecessary what ATC think of it, you have to bring the airplane safely on the ground.


It could also have been because the A380 simply refused to follow instructions which, as a training controller myself, is the one situation I wish I had enough time to become IFATC

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Hear this question time and time again. You’re the PIC. Do what you must to ensure safety and follow flight rules. If something is off, assume ATC doesn’t see it, and be proactive.

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I could have rejected the landing if i could see that big boy ,but since it was dark and that aircraft didn’t had any strobe or landing lights there wasn’t no way i could have seen him .

But this time condition was lot worse.