Should I take the IFATC written test now or later?

I was just wondering, but I have watched all of Tyler’s videos and his ATC test video. The recruiter contacted me with the test, and do you think I can do it? ik it might seem unnecessary

do it when you feel comfortable have notes and a something to be able to draw on

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If you feel that you have a good knowledge of the tutorials after reviewing them, I’d say go for it if you feel comfortable with it. Maybe just ensure you have a quick look back over to ensure you have everything noted. Just have pen and paper handy to draw out scenarios.

Best of luck!

Whenever you feel ready take it! Just make sure you know your stuff as I didn’t study enough the first time and failed but studied harder the second time and passed!


Just talk to your own, are you ready, confortable?

If you are confortable, why do not take it?
Just do not alarm and take notes…

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I have taken notes

Your question is gonna be, are you comfortable? do you think that what you have learned have the expected requirements for a written test? (From my personal experience, it is better to last 1 month to try it but with well-entrenched knowledge, rather than 6 days with enough knowledge)

Just do not alarm and you will be fine!

If you‘re familiar with things like pattern work, transition, sequencing and ground controlling then sure, do it! I wish you the best of luck.

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I know right after I clear someone for takeoff if they’re remaining in the pattern, I usually sequence them if there is traffic to follow, if not I’d say enter left/right downwind runway X. When they’ve turned into downwind, I clear them for the option

No, after you cleared someone for takeoff who is remaining in the pattern you don‘t give another pattern entry. Only sequence (if necessary) and then clearance.


There’s no pressure on you to take it. When you’re in the test, just take your time, think things through and draw them out. Visualising situations really helps.

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There is a 20 minute time limit but I can try later

The time won‘t be an issue. I‘m quite sure about that. It‘s definitely enough.

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I think I should revise a bit more, might do it today

Great. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me or any other IFATC member.

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I might do that later


Than do it later 😁 When you do do it I wish you the best of luck! Just remember have the handy pen and paper ready to help you ace the exam!

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