Should I shut down the IFIA for something new?

Hi, I’m Keith James,
CEO of the IFIA (Infinite Flight Independent Airline)

The airline is very successful with hundreds of pilots and plenty of staff.

But I want to start a formation flying team and make displays in live, and fly just for fun, etc.

I am terrible at choices. I don’t know what to do. Should I shut down the IFIA for this team or continue business. I can’t do both at once.


I want to do formations too!! :) for something for people to look at

Yes, but there is a lot of consequences, stress, annoyance etc to. The IFIA has been in business for at least 2 months and I estimate I’ve already sent like 100,000,000 emails. But let me know if you want to know the consequences.


I could help organize I Infinite Flight Flying team

You could if you liked, but I wouldn’t be able to join with the IFIA, see, it’s stressful enough that I can barely join another airline.

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We can contact airshow board and organize formations

I would help

You could just hand over the airline to the most experienced member.

This is like IFES. We would be happy for you to join. We do many formation flights!

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