Should I restart?

Ok so, I have over 80 violations when I was a still a nimrod and I think its a bit too much… I don’t know if I should restart and thats why I made this topic… What do you think?

  • Yes, you should restart
  • No, you shouldn’t restart

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What’s the point. Violations are like learning from your mistakes, the hard way. You live and learn. You’d loose all your stats like flight time, XP, landings, and all the other things that affect your grade. I don’t see a purpose in doing so. Maybe if you held 10,000 violations to your name and you felt like creating a second account along side until they’ve reached an equal level in stats, but 80 violations is really nothing to be honest. It’s from your learning stage


Learn from your mistakes. You don’t have to be proud of them, but they are a testament to your progression just as much as your success.


But ive seen people who only had 5 violations or something like that :/

Guilty, I think I’m sitting on 12.

Some people joined yesterday. They only had 5 violations. I have less then 100, because I restarted (Issues with sign in provider) and I went from hundreds to what I have now. Violations are nothing to get your head rapped around. There’s really isn’t a reason to get all worked up about it


I don’t think you can restart

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You can “restart” by creating a new account, like signing in with a different Google Account


That will mean you have to buy a new live lol

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Pretty much, haha. But if you have to devices it works out…


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She has 89.

You sure about that?

Yea once live is bought it stays on the account it was bought on you will have it buy another one

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Well I have two accounts but the problem is would I have to buy all planes and regions again?

Read it again

I think you can log out of the live account you have now…

I don’t get what you mean…

I’m not sure how to check but I’m sure I have over a dozen easily…and I think they are all speeding violations 😂
But guess what? I don’t speed anymore. Hahaha

I have like 3 or something