Should I renew my subscription to IF?

Hey there guys,
I was wondering if I should renew my subscription to IF, which ends at the 14th of october. I’m a Grade 3 user at the moment and I was close to Grade 4. Since a couple of months I don’t feel the need to get to Grade 4 or 5. Life has more to than Infinite Flight 😉😉😉 So I’m in a doubt of renewing. Yes I know I will be missing the FNF, (on the Expert, where I’m flying most of my free time) and also the all new Airbus A350. But in my situation, just flying around Europe and not doing any longhaul flights at all, what will you reccomend me?

Well if you’d like to see the new a350 then I would suggest buying a sub when it comes out

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Well the simple answer is yes, but it is your choice, no ones making you renew it

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your money your choice… that’s my opinion

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This is your choice. If you ask me this is true:

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It’s your money, why would you care what we think. You’re going to do what you want to do anyways.

You don’t need us to tell you if you should renew or not it’s up to you 👍🏻

I don’t think you should right now.
My subscription ended in May and I didn’t renew it because I had to concentrate on my exams. I won’t subscribe until the a350 is released and when the 777 will be released I might take a 1 month subscription.
However I doubt the a350 will be released before December.

Its a personal decision. If you feel that you need to take a little break and focus on life, that’s perfectly acceptable. No one is judging. If you’re going to renew, great! Lots of great content being worked on right now and soon to be released. No telling when though!