Should I pursue aviation as my career

Hello fellow virtual pilots, my names Frank and just just like any other 17 year old I am at an age where my career decisions will altimately alter my future life forever. I love aviation and everything about airplanes, but I also want to be a business owner and entrepreneur. Should I pursue one and leave the other or what are your thoughts on this


You call the shots, boss.

Are you willing to invest the necessary time and money into getting your licenses? You’re 17, and need to be at least 23 before you can get your ATP, assuming your end goal is the left seat for a major airline, so don’t feel compelled to rush a decision.

You can get your ratings and a college degree at a school that has a flight department. Purdue and Ohio State come to mind right away, if that’s a path you’d be open to taking. You might be able to double major or major/minor in aviation/business in college as well.

The possibilities are there, it’s just up to you to decide.


If you meet all the ATP requirements except for age you can get a restricted ATP at 21. 2 years later, you’ll be eligible for the left seat. Besides, flight school takes a while. But yeah, a lot of hard work and sacrifices.


Adding onto what has already been said, it is never too late to change your mind about something. Two years into college I changed my major and still graduated on time. Maybe pursue becoming an entrepreneur, there will always be time to switch career paths. It has always seemed crazy to me that with college you’re almost expected to make up your mind about a career path at such a young age.

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Honestly, it’s completely possible for you to pursue both.

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Whilst there’s many valid points made by the previous members, there’s also a very likely and plausible alternative. Go to college. I highly recommend getting a 4 year degree in either business administration or business management (yes 2 different things). Getting a B.A/B.S will leave you in a better position if becoming an ATP doesn’t work out for you. Go for both, there’s no reason you can’t! Good luck buddy.


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