Should I post this Support issue or wait?

Forum Members,

We are seeing many support topics being created that are not critical issues and ultimately drowning our Moderating team and Regulars who are hard at work to assist newcomers and the masses experiencing technical issues.

If you’ve found a smudge on your aircraft or a hill that’s out of place, please hold off on reporting it so we can provide more assistance to those who simply can’t use Infinite Flight, need help restoring purchases, and other more pressing issues. Your attention to detail is appreciated but please allow these minor details to be addressed at a later time.

We appreciate your cooperation!



Thank you! This needed to be addressed. These support topics were getting way to out of hand


Just checking to see if others have had problems filing flight plans using Android. I tried filing the following plan without success: CLT CAE SAV MILIE BEENO OMN TRV ZFP PEACH MYNN I was able to modify it to CLT CAE SAV MILIE MYNN

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Does this sound like an issue you might be having?

If not, there’s a magnifying glass at the upper right hand corner on this website. Type in a few keywords that describe the issue you might be having. It might have already been brought up and discussed.


Guys - support is really getting out of hand. Please search before you make a support topic as so many topics are essentially duplicates. The number of topics is crazy and make sure you have restarted IF, resetted the app and if it’s a crashing issue, then make sure you have tried lowering your graphics settings! Do the mods and regulars a favour and make sure you have exhausted all options before making a topic!

Thanks that is exactly the problem I am having with the flight plan. I will try the various things listed in the response to you. In the mean time keep flying.

It’s a known issue and will be patched soon in a hotfix. Hold tight!

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Speaking of known issues, I’d agree with @Jan’s idea (Known Issues Category) that it’d be good to pin a “Known Issues” Wiki-for-Regulars post in Support so people can check whether their bug is already known. This might save you all some Support work?


A pure ignorance of the suggested topics on the right of the screen when typing a topic. If the topic is closed, it means the solution is there as well.


Generally speaking if it’s solved it will be marked with a tick mark not closed

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