Should I pay IF pro for one month again?

It wasn’t. What @anon2996007 and @Pilot_M said is right. The release date was never leaked. No idea where you get your information from…


So, it was said by Tyler and Jason that open beta will come right after the premier and then the update will come after the celebration. Given that open beta is about a week and all updates come out on Monday, it can be postulated that it will either come out this week or next week. You’re right, they generally don’t leak this info which is right after they said this they said “I think we said too much”

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There is multiple reasons why you should renew your subscription… primarily because 3D buildings are coming out but not only that 21.1 features new aircraft textures which makes aircraft look more realistic and it also comes with a ton of new liveries! So yes you should renew your subscription because it’s gonna be so worth it

If you have time then yes, you should get it.

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