Should I make a topic about aviation Christmas gifts I got?

So I got a lot of aviation Christmas stuff, wondering if I can make a real world aviation thread about it. I will include pictures but not +10.
Is this something that is allowed?

You can make one, including a question what the others received :D

Okay. So should I do just what I got, or make a thread for everyone to tell what they got?

This is really a forum for aviation. So this may be well the right place.
And since we’re here, why don’t you change the title of this post and go for it.
We’re all curious now…😉

I’m not a regular, so I can’t change this but o will post it right now I’m real world aviation!

Let me know the title and where you want it, and I’ll have a go.

Don’t worry I just posted it.

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This is a forum about Infinite Flight.


Thread has been opened