Should I leave my iPad on overnight?

Sorry for posting so late, but I might do an overnight flight next weekend, but I am worried about leaving my iPad on overnight. I have a 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch.

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I would say as long as the screen brightness is on low, and it is on a charger, as well as you time your arrival it will be completely fine. I do it all the time.

You’ll be fine. Like I say to every topic about overnighting ever.

Be at a reasonable cruise altitude, speed, calculate when you need to wake up, descend and land. Be sure your Wifi or data is functioning well, and soon you will be doing overnighters on a regular basis :)

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It’s a beast. It will have no problem. Consider low settings though.


No problem. Turn down brightness, engage low power mode, turn down settings to avoid overheating and you should be fine.

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Thanks for the help. I’m going to sleep now. This was at 11:30 central time in Chicago.

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Another tip:
Keep your iPad plugged in all night and keep your brightness all the way down. Keep your volume off as well.
These helped me a lot and have made no crashes.

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I have a question, I usually do long haul and I always put my phone on charge until the end of my flight, and i really don’t know if that is bad or not, how you guys protect your batteries

iOS 13 introduced a new battery (Your phones actual battery) saving mode. I’d suggest you use that. Don’t use low power mode as I think that enables auto-lock. Turn down the brightness and make sure it’s night in-game. Also make sure your camera is orientated on a view where it is constantly moving, this will prevent burn-in’s.

It’s no problem I always keep my iPad on overnight just keep it on low brightness and low power mode. I don’t suggest keeping it charging overnight though it could overheat

From my experience, even if you accidentally leave it on high brightness & no frame rate limitations, but plugged in, it will not overheat or crash. You should be fine for an overnight flight.

I leave mine all night with no issues, plugged and on max settings.

My top advise is never to leave the device unattended in a hot place though, it’s fine if you got aircon, but if you are in vacation in some island beach and it’s 35c outside, it will get toasty.

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Yep I’ve done overnight flights and they successful
In-fact they were my best flights

You’ll be fine, if my 5 year old iPad Air can handle long hauls, your 2018 pro should be able to handle it perfectly well

I do this almost everyday day you’ll be fine

Thank you everyone. I appreciate the help.

I have an IPhone 6s and my phone is fine
-Low Power Mode
-Low Graphics
-Low Brightness
-And if youre really worried about it, put a cold paper towel on the back

What I do is this while I am flying overnight:
Turn screen brightness all the way down
Leave plugged into a charger
You will be fine if you do those
But if you don’t: you will eventually loose battery and then your device will just turn off.

Good luck on your flight, if you referenced every post on this topic, you should be fine!

You’ll be fine, just make sure it doesn’t disturb your sleep 😉.
Happy Flying,