Should I land like this?

I would like to ask some questions about landing

  1. Should I land like this?

  2. What is the passing landing fpm?

  3. Is it very important of landing on centerline?


Fixed it.



It really depends, on the type of aircraft and the length of the runway.

The two big stripes are the “aim point” - the points that shouldn’t appear to change shape when you’re on final. They’re also called the 1000-foot markers.

Touching down between them is cool. Touching down just beyond them on the “piano keys” - the 500-foot markers - is also cool.

Landing FPM depends on how you round out, and whether you wanna make a precision landing (a spot-landing) and thunk the aircraft down at a particular point, or wanna float for a while. In the ideal case, you wanna float for a while and land at your exact spot at the same time. A normal touchdown is usually about 60-150 FPM.

And yes, preferably stay on centreline.


“The criteria for a safe landing is not a smooth one” - Boeing
There is no ‘passing FPM’. As long as it is on the aiming point (those big white rectangles), it’s perfect.
I should add that is my realistic opinion, and many in the community would say something stupid like -10 FPM.

Yes, very important. If you land off centreline, you risk a runway excursion (when your aircraft unintentionally leaves the surface of the runway), which could happen because of an unexpected gust of wind, or something else possibly.



I don’t know why nobody mentioned it before but the round about good altitude to fly over the threshold is 50ft about ground. A 100ft looks definitely too high and is hard to land in the touchdown zone.

depending on the airport, of course


OK I got it.

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If you want a smooth landing, touching the ground at - 350fpm or lower is good, flaring at about 20 feet AGL, yet not essential. Pilots in real life try to aim for the 2 white big stripes parallel to the runway (most commonly referred to as the “piano tiles”). If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve way past those piano tiles, I suggest going around. Again, these are not essential for landing, but landing on the runway centerline definitely is. Always use the flight director to aim your nose on the centerline, runway incursion is dangerous.

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  • We don’t have an FD in IF yet :)
  • A runway incursion is when you enter a runway without clearance. If you leave the runwsy unintentionally as here, that’s an excursion.

My answer: if you made it down, with the gear in-tact and no passengers lost any teeth, you did great.

More seriously: yeah, looks good to me.


Its best to land on the center line so get as close as possible. if not then use the rudder to correct it. Remember you can always go around!


Nice meme😂😂

I’d probably go a little lower over the threshold, 50ft is what I would aim for.
Remember, A good landing is a landing you can walk away from, a great landing is a landing where the plane can be used again.


Oh, my apologies. Realized it’s the Flight Path Vector and not the FD. My mind went to FSX for a second


All FL is AGL


Well just don’t go over -400fpm. That’s a hard landing and might damage the airframe.

of course its boeing who said this lol

Barely 😂
-400 FPM is nowhere near damaging the airplane, nowhere near, and definitely not hard, maybe a bit firm.

I would say don’t go over -700 to -850 fpm as -400 might be hard but it would NOT damage the airframe :)

400 is the average vs speed…implies that a bit higher is not an issue. I agree that from 600, we are talking real hard landing. 200 is soft.

Here is the fixed version @Fung_Sum-sum

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