Should I keep the fps on 30 or 60 fps?

Device:Ipad Air 2020
Operating system:IOS

I would recommend keeping it on 30fps. Not because your device can’t take it, but because it helps keep your device nice and healthy. :)



you can check out this post for the recommended settings

Ipad air 4 2020

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Experiment with it. If the game isn’t working well with 60, go down to 30.

I do recommend putting 30fps as 60fps can contribute to game crashes.

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Definitely 30 , lot smoother game play

Thank You So much! I’m new so I didn’t know much about the options . I got worried when it said that 60 fps could damage my device lol

Definitely do 30fps it’s smoother and better.
I’ve got my device on 30fps and I’m an android user

Given that you have a 2020 iPad air, 60 fps should work completely fine. I have an iPad 8 and I flip flop between the two, but I have recently stuck to 60 as it’s a really smooth and polished experience.

This being said, I would be careful of your usage on 60 fps for long(er) flights as it will hurt your battery health in the long run.

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