Should I join IFATC

Just wanna know if IFATC is something worth joining in IF any opinions?

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it is up to you, we can’t make decisions for you ┐(‘~`,)┌

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Lots of nice people inside it, you can control in expert server, you will deal with report complaints (joking this rarely happens lol).

Yes definitely worth.


Welcome to the community! I love it and it’s my favorite part of the sim but we are all different.

In case you do decide to join us, check this out: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Thought I’d give my two cents about IFATC. I wanted to achieve something greater within the community that would be a challenge and would be rewarding. IFATC fit that gap perfectly. You not only get to experience the ATC aspect of the simulator but you get to learn! I knew nothing about ATC when I started my journey to join IFATC but after training and getting better, I know lots of info I wouldn’t of known. It not only makes me a better controller but a better pilot. I’ve made so many connections through IFATC and everyone there is so friendly and willing to help you become a better controller. Sharing the same common passion of IF and aviation really will help you connect more with the people within the community. If you are up for the rewarding challenge go after it when you are able to! Highly recommend giving it a shot!


It takes hard work, but it is very fun! But it is up to you

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It is hard work, but worth it in the end. I personally am not IFATC, but I know people who are.

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Controlling in training server is just frustrating at times, so it’s definitely worth trying to join the IFATC.
You would rather give it a go then just regret it later :)

No, i think it will just make u very stressed out

That is the exact same thing i thought before applying. I was wrong.

Training helps a lot with the basics of tower and ground. When you join IFATC, your rank will be “apprentice”, meaning that you can control little and less busy airports. When you get promoted to specialist you enter the checkride phase, where you can control big aiports but preferably not very busy and you will be highly watched from our qualified IFATC supervisors, who can give you many tips on how to manage busy airports.

When you get fully promoted to specialist, you can choose any airport in the word to control, busy or not.

Trust me, at the beginning managing high traffic isn’t easy. But when you become more experienced and you control a busy hub, almost for sure you will have fun and control flawlessy, without getting overwhelmed.

So at the end of the day, should you join IFATC?

Definitely yes. It can be both difficult and easy, it’s all up to you.


Alright thanks everyone for your views I’lol think bout it have a nice day/night!

Ok thank you so much

If you ever need help with IFATC, feel free to PM me or other IFATC members. I can tell from your username that you’re Singaporean too :)


Ha yes I am alright thanks for that

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If you are interested but want to learn more before applying here’s a 100% shameless plug for the IFATC Education Group. We put out content daily, mostly related to flying or controlling.


Thanks I’ll check it out!

Thanks for all this very helpful for my understanding

So I have signed up. I gonna get Slack link?

I’ll add something. One of my favorite parts of being a controller, especially now that 20.2 is out, is how easy it is for pilots and controllers to learn from each other. I’ve messaged many people who I sent the “check user guide” command to so they know exactly what they did wrong, and I’ve also received plenty of messages from pilots telling me what I could’ve done to offer a more efficient service. Ultimately it’s a constant learning experience for the pilots and controllers, which I think makes IFATC easily worth joining.

You do your best so you know that then