Should I have an external storage device for IF replays?

Should I have an external storage device for Infinite Flight replays? For example, should I have a few terabytes of network attached storage if I fly a lot to store my replays on?

Just store your favourite replays , Delete the rest

But what if I want to store all of my replays?

Right. So I want to take the usage off of my phone and put it on a NAS.

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Dude replays are like are very small and easily storable on a 64GB flash drive.

I have same Emailed to myself, some on a hard drive and some on iCloud for a combined total of around a gigabyte or two.

No need for a NAS drive save your money and spent it on IF instead.

So to sum up you only need a 64GB flash drive and it should do you for years as replay files are small.

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Use a cloud service. The files are reduced in size when shared there, it’s free, and you can access them whenever. There’s no need for anything expensive…or more than free, honestly.

A flash drive is fine, for 2001. Cloud services with plenty of free storage are aplenty.


Like google?
no, icloud

I use Google Drive, free plan, store most of my replays and it compresses them to pretty much nothing in terms of storage

I mean unless you have like 2,000 replays, then yes, but otherwise, delete the ones you don’t need.

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