Should I give up?

Since October 2018, I wanna be a IFATC. So, I did my first written exam but I failed it. I didn’t give up but each time I do my written exam, I fail it but I’m so close to pass it. I think it’s the fifth failed exam and I can do it another time but if I fail it, I’ll have to wait 6 months. So, I don’t know what can I do.


Dont give up! Each test you’ve moved closer to passing right? That means ,according to statistical analysis, you’ll pass it next time. Study hard and study the exact things you got wrong. Giving up is never an option. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Never, never, never, never give up! Just practice with a tracking thread and study and I’m sure you’ll get it! If you need any help, there’s tons of tutorials and tons of people around this forum who can help out.


Make sure you don’t rush your studying. Go through each concept and make sure you have a deep understanding of each. Make a list and check each key concept off once you fully understand. I have no idea what the test is like but just look at it like this… If others have done it, there’s no reason you can’t too!

Don’t give up, keep practicing and you will get there. Have you worked with an ATC trainer? Just to make sure you know, this is an option to you, they help people work to join IFATC. I will link the thread below, I highly recommend taking a look at it, they were very helpful especially in my radar training. Good luck. ;)


Make sure to take a look at the ATC Manual !


Check all the videos there, they are really useful:


To add what @Jakub_Astary said:
Don’t watch the radar (Approach & Departure) videos. It could easily confuse you.

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Toss in the towel

Try looking at why you didn’t pass. Was it because of a lack of time, concentration, knowledge, logical thinking, common sense etc…? Whatever it was especially if it was knowledge maybe look into that more precisely. There might be a specific thing you didn’t understand. You should always learn from your mistakes and not rush a second attempt. Keep in mind that the practical is harder and once within IFATC the expectations go up by a lot quickly, so don’t rush it and go over all the tutorials think about all the possibilities during a session and don’t forget to make a tracking thread and get lots of practice.

He can’t get a trainer as he needs to pass the written exam first… Check the thread

Doesn’t say that, it states he must have just done one, it never states that your must pass you completed exam.

Failure is a way of saying try a different way. It may be the way you study or interpret the information. 6 months is a great deal of time to study and get even more prepared for a new way to come at this from. Wishing you good luck! Again, failure is a way of saying try again in a different way or manner. You have gotten helpful links which will help you find a new way to approach this from on this post. 🙂

Thanks for your support. I did my exams quickly and that’s NOT the best idea

Use the time that you get. If you have 20 min., don’t use only 5 min. Also, use a pen and paper for a visual perspective.

Yeah, that’s why I did some stupid mistakes

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This. Commitment at that point is sufficient enough to request assistance.

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I also failed my written test, twice. And did I give up? Absolutely not. After those two attempts i tried even harder, got 92% on the test and then passed my practical.

So my advice, try harder, don’t give up.

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Hey, I also had to wait 6 months because I failed 3 times. But yesterday I tried it and I passed after 6 months of waiting. It is important not to give up!

I highly recommend you to watch all the atc tutorials over and over again. Read somethings from the ATC Manual (there should be a thread about that) and if you have any screenshots or something of the test you made and failed to use those questions to practise. Especially the situation questions are important and you need to really understand that before doing it again.
I hope you get it! And never ever give up!

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What also helps is just to believe in yourself. Think about it, you have done it 5 times. Thise times you didnt pass but you eventually after tying and trying you will pass it. So why not the sixth time? Just think and believe that your going to pass it! Because if you do not believe in yourself it will be a lot harder.

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