Should i get worried?

Right now i am currently flying from London-Doha with a Airbus A350, While being doing nothing i decided to look around, searching for possible angles for future pictures.

Then i put up the map, i seen a guy with my same callsign , “OOF”. Usually i got a bit happy by this seeing another guy having my callsign but i am worried because he also copied my IFC name!

Here is the evidences.

pic of my callsign and IF account

The guy with my callsign and IFC name


Unless if it’s offensive, nothing will happen.


Then callsign OOF is very generic and even if he was copying you nothing can be done, sorry! Someone copied me a few years ago and Same thing happened all they say is tough luck.

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make sure they don’t start to troll you. for example, change you in an F22z. if thats the case, you can contact a moderator to sort the issue

Aight, ill keep this open for future references.

i might get trolled

as the unknown guy is flying… in a 738

Personally I would take it with a pinch of salt same happened to @easyWig look at it on the bright side someone wants to be you that’s flattering!

As @Kamryn said, you can contact a moderator if the trolling is severe.

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or you could just pm the person?

If they are impersonating somebody, it’s pretty much impossible to find them on the IFC.

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The problem is i dont know his name/or who is he because he had my IFC username

Can anyone flag this for closure, the fake oof are not gonna troll me

Closed per OP request.