Should i get the infinite flight pro subscription?

get Infinite Flight Pro?

Is that a question? Yes you should…


really? should i? …

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Yes, it is a waste of time not having it, there is no point playing Infinite Flight without Infinite Pro, just get it, its cheap and easy to get


It’s up to you, however I suggest watching YT video’s and maybe try it for a month. See if you like it for yourself, don’t go for a year so if you don’t like it then you will be disappointed. 1 Month of Infinite Flight Pro is $9.99 and imo, it’s worth it.

another Question… does the MD11 and DC10 stay when IF PRO runs out?

No it does not at the moment. You have to have a active IF Pro subscription to be able to use the MD-11 & DC-10. This also applies to other planes as well, however with them you can purchase them separately if you like.

Thank you! i’ll try it out… hopefully my home airport TEGEL (EDDT) is there

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Every airport is in there tbh

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Just checked, and confirmed that (EDDT) Berlin Tegel is in global.

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DONEWird hochgeladen… Wird hochgeladen… Wird hochgeladen…

whoops image not loayed

Wait was that you at tegel for a couple secs lol

loaded . yesssssssssssssss

Enjoy IF Pro, and don’t forget to follow all ATC instructions at all time whether it be on TS1 or Expert! ;)

how seperately? lol .