Should I get the 787-8 or 787-9?

I’m torn on which one to get, because I also want the Dash-8, but can’t get all 3. Help me out ):

  • 788
  • 789

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There’s only one simple answer to this:


It’s tied fifty fifty get the -10

Seems like the 787-8 is winning. Another question, should I get the 788 and 789 instead and just drop the Dehavilland altogether?

Nevermind, it’s 50/50

Was it announced?

Yep smaller amount of liverys but it’s there

Alright, I think the poll says that the 789 is the best for my situation :) Thanks

I’m getting the 789 because it has the Scoot livery and Qantas livery. Gotta love that Scoot livery!

Get Live+``````

I’m getting all of them but mostly 789 because of american livery. I wish southwest had a bigger fleet

I have live+ so I get them free

I’m getting the 789 because it has Virgin😄

Get the 789 to wash the bad taste of the old one out of your mouth. I gotta say this baby flies magestically. Almost tail striked a couple times not realising how well its been done.

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Honestly I don’t care, Im getting all 3 and the 777LR. RIP my bank account :(


Yes. Correct you are.

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I guess the 787-9 won and you have to choose it because it’s not short like the 787-8 or long like the 787-10 it’s just a perfect 787 and the liveries are also great too. I’m gonna fly the 787 for the first time today and it’s the 787-8!!! Wish me good luck on my first flight.

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