Should I get Pro?

I have to say, the new update is fantastic, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to fly around the globe yet.

I’ve been on the fence about getting Pro; I think what it provides for the cost is adequate but I don’t know whether I’m willing to spend £50 to get 6 months (was originally only go for about 3, but not much more for 6).

I do like the idea of getting all planes unlocked too - bit more variety than just the 787-9 and C-130H ;)

Those who do have it, how good is it? Should I get it? (Would be around Xmas time, getting a new phone then that can actually run the game at decent settings xD)

Edit: if I do get it, I would most certainly give transatlantic flights and various other things a try!


Yes you should. It’s awesome! You get to fly anywhere in the world with ultra scenery! Definitely worth it! Plus every single plane!


Uhh… YES! Tbh the update is amazing and idk how u live without it.


Me neither haha, don’t get me wrong the regions give you a fair bit of land to fly in but it’s only short haul (and only above an hour if you start circling and such)

you should definitely get it for flights around the world and whenever any new aircrafts are added you will also get those ones. and you can play on live with other people and live weather like jet streams and fog

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I definitely think you should get pro. I recommend getting a year sub or a 6 month sub since a month sub is only for a short amount of time. Also with the MD11 and DC10 coming out soon you would get it for free with the sub!

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OK everyone. Thanks for the advice! I think that I’ll definitely go for it - getting the whole world is gonna be amazing, and having all planes (including the new Douglas planes when they come out!) should be awesome.

(then once it expires I can buy the DC-10 or MD-11 of course :))


But if your sub is still active when it comes out then you will get it for free! 😀

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It’s hands down, worth it.


Yes, yes, a million times yes. If you really enjoy Infinite Flight, this is totally worth it;-)

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Infinite Flight Pro: With an Infinite Flight Pro subscription you will gain instant access to an online global multiplayer experience which features world-wide scenery and satellite imagery, giving you the ability to fly to any airport in the world. The Infinite Flight Pro subscription will also include our entire fleet of aircraft, live Air Traffic Controllers, real-time weather and time of day, realistic flight planning, and much much more!

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When you’ll find that you can fly all over the world without your engines cutting off… oh yes… you will see it’s worth it! Try it for a month, don’t like it… go back. But if you love it after the one month period… upgrade your Infinite Flight Pro plan!

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maybe get the normal ipad it runs max settings great

Heak yeah the update is reeealy good on the pro take it from a pro user :)


Yes! Of course you should 😀