Should I get live or live+?

I bought a 55 dollar apple gift card should i get live or live + and what are the difrences let me know in the comments below

Live is for one month (€5). Live+ is for one year(€50)

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So whats better

Live+ of course. You get all regions and all airplanes for free for a whole year! What more can you ask for? :)


Live+ Gets you everything for a year. Get it


Get Live+.

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If you buy live, you’ll only get multiplayer.
If you buy live+ you will get all planes and regions for one year

Okay i hope to see you all on live+ one day thanks


It’s not for free. You’re paying 50 bucks for a package that includes them.

With that being said, I recommend purchasing live+.

@David_Kerrigan trust me get Live + , you will not regret it :)

Live+ definitely.

Everyone stop asking please, just refer to previous posts. The majority is ALWAYS with live+

I would definitely get live plus because you get access to every aircraft, including new ones, and every region.

As others mentioned, Live+ is absolutely the better value. Generally speaking, not only you get the uninterrupted multiplayer access for a year, all IAP content is available to you as well for the duration of the subscription. This also means that if you have devices in different ecosystems (for example, an Android phone and an iPad), you can use that IAP content on both for no extra charge. Any new content added by FDS in the mean time (new airplanes, etc) is also accessible.

If you fly regularly, have multiple devices, like to try out all the different airplanes/regions of the app, then Live+ is the better option and works out cheaper than purchasing each month separately.

I got live plus Not regreting anything its awsome


You get all the regions and all the planes pretty good deal

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If you are busy in the next months, I suggest you to buy Live (Monthly) instead

If you aren’t busy in the next months, You should buy Live+, You can get all regions + planes for free (Until your subscription expires) and it’s worth till your penny. 100% of Live+ Users aren’t regretting their choice to buy one.

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Live+ for sure, I could barely afford it when I got it but I don’t regret it at all.

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Why do we need 5 posts per week on this?

I agree it get’s annoying

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