Should I get a yoke?

I have searched for a similar topic, but I couldn’t find any.

I have been looking for some yokes for IF, but I am not sure if they work well and makes the sim more realistic. I will be doing loads of short hauls so I wanted some advice about how good yokes are and is it worth buying one?


Take a look at this:

Take a look at some YT videos on how to connect.

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I would recommend you to buy the honeycomb yoke, but I don’t know if it is compatible and will run IF smoothly.

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I my opinion, I like using the ipad. Its Easier For me.

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Yeah, that looks really professional, do you think I would be able to fly it with Logitech rudder and throttle quadrant?

Does anyone have any experience with yokes?

Contact @CathayJason he recently got one! Or checkout this thread!

Also please move this to #thirdparty.

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I am sorry, I really thought I put it on Third Party!

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