Should I get a VA involved with my flyout

I would like my flyout to get more attention so I was thinking if it would be okay to contact a VA to get more promotion for my 1AUG20 / 2100Z - Idaho Falls Fly-out @KIDA flyout.

VA’s will most likely contact you if you have an appealing event and mention that you are looking for sponsors. No guarantees, but it is really up to the VAs.

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Ah okay I didn’t know that.

The only thing is that it’s more of a regional airport and there’s no true dominant carrier that operates there. So it would be a bit tough.

Ah very true.

Not all VAs will contact you first, sometimes you have to contact them. Some VAs have more info about partnerships (like a form to fill out if you want them to partner) in their threads.

I wouldn’t recommend any partnerships for that flyout because like said above, there’s no main carrier. I would recommend making a flyout that a VA could partner with you though. It’s going to guarantee more signups!

Sponsorship is with money or an exchange.

The correct word is Partnership.™

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