Should I follow NOTAMs?

Before I control I will always check into this great app called Windy to check the NOTAMs for the airport I am going to control. I like to keep it as realistic as possible. Should I follow them?

It’s hard to get 1/2 of the people on the T1 server to listen so when they spawn at the gate directly next to the closed RW and ask for pushback they don’t tend to like like that I tell them to taxi to the other RW. Also, they don’t like crossing RWs when they can see no one is lined up and waiting. It can become a cluster real fast with inbound traffic and people not listening.


No you don’t follow real world traffic flows, and definitely not NOTAMs


Ok thats a little disappointing but that clears that up. Thank you :)


How do you propose you communicate “no, no, wait, Taxiway Delta is closed until the 26th! You’ll have to go down to Echo and use that!” with the tools you have available?

Realism is a nice catch phrase, but with the tools available in IF and the volume that can surround an airport at any given time without Clearance/Delivery, there simply is zero practicality behind getting bent out of shape over “well, this runway isn’t used for arrivals” or whatever.

I say this all the time, but until people stop descending 10 miles out at 349 IAS or trying to intercept the glidescope 8 miles out at 9000 feet and then fly final approach at 249 IAS, they’re in no position to complain about realism.

Get people in and out. The two people whose home airport it may be will just have to get over it [Unless you try to use 08L/26R at Gatwick, then you’ll have a riot on your hands.]


@Trio… MaxSez: Interesting TS-1 Trainees version of Flow Control. Who better than the Pilot in Command(PiC) to really understand the performance characteristics of there aircraft of choice, Red RWays do not mean closed. Additionally, only the METAR applies for WX in IF. Until ATIS is reinstalled which provides advanced aerodrome operational components and information like closed and primary active RWays confusion will continue, Pilots are not mind readers. Interesting interpretation Trio… G’day

(Should I follow the NOTAM, No, until IFATC pick you up for training where you’ll learn IF ATC Procedures which modify RW to fit this platform.)


@Maxmustang I know the red RWs don’t mean they are closed and yeah, I hope ATIS gets added back at some point. Devs have done an amazing job with Global, I am sure it will take a while for that to be reimplemented.

The IFATC training comment, thank you for telling me that. I did not know that.


I still love that “Windy” app though.


@Trio. MaxSez: Windy is an excellent WX App I use it preflight particularly for winds aloft orientation. Great suggestion hope others follow your lead.


The only NOTAMS to follow in IF are the ones posted by FDS, they are clearly marked by a red circle on the map. And you can expect to be ghosted for ignoring them.


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Would the NOTAM apply to casual server?

I meant to say check notam rules on ifc support page

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