Should I Fly on the Expert Server?

For sure!!! Personally I love and enjoy the experience on expert server… with the absolutely amazing ATC’s, it seriously brings the realism to the game itself.

Make sure you keep up with the ATC Schedule every week and you’ll explore new places, but also the included benefits of busy airports and interacting with other pilots

Absolutely! IFATC are not out there to try and report you. They dedicate their personal free time to give you a great experience on the Expert server. Follow commands and you will be golden my friend!

You should, in fact I was like you afraid to fly in ES, but later on I found out that it is actually tranning my skills with ATC. So I do recomend you to try flying in expert server, and please remember getting violation is not a bad thing and not a good thing, but it is actually tranning you. So dont be afraid, just try it out mate.

I felt the same way as you, but eventually I started flying on Expert. Here are my tips:

Do your first few Expert Server flights between two airports without ATC, just to prepare yourself.

Then, when you’re ready, fly to/from an airport Which has ATC but is not busy (For example I flew into KALB instead of KJFK). If you make a mistake, contact the controller and ask what you did wrong.

After you are comfortable flying into “quiet” airports try flying into/out of a busy airport (not the featured one) with ATC, for example (last week) LSGG instead of LIRF. Follow ALL ATC instructions and read tutorials to prepare yourself for any commands they might give you.

Next, fly into/from the featured airport on the ATC schedule. This will be very busy, so don’t send duplicate requests or spam the frequency. Follow ALL ATC instructions. If they tell you to go around, go around.

Finally, once you are ready, fly into or out of the FNF airport. This will be VERY BUSY but if you follow instructions and have read all the tutorials you will be fine.

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you 👍🏽

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Have you checked the Pilot tutorials?

Yes! You should!
When I was at a lower grade like you, I was the same exact thing as you. I was scared to not get ghosted, but then I said “why not give it a go?” Turned out I had a lot of fun because the amount of realism that’s in your hands is just incredible. Trust me, go for it, and you won’t regret it!!


The one thing I’m scared of on the expert server is ruining the experience for others. I don’t want to make a mistake and ruin someone’s long haul like has been done so much to me on TS.

I always follow ATC instruction, even on TS

Thank you very much

Sure, I can help you if anything. I am a grade 4 pilot with a lot of experience 😎 hit me up and I’ll tell you all the basics and thing to do and not 👌

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Thank you I’ll like that very much

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I’ll be ready in about an hour and I’ll give ya a list ( not too long)

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Ok thank you

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I have a question, what is Information _____

It is when you tune in to ATIS frequency, and when you receive a specific type of information that is relevant to the traffic and weather conditions present at the airport.

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I had a miscommunication with atc and got ghosted straight away no warning however it wasn’t IFATC

Then, I advise you talk to that ATC and resolve the issue. Only IFATC, Mods and Staff can Ghost you, so if it wasn’t ATC then a Moderator or Staff member may have ghosted you.

Check your logbook to see who ghosted you and PM them for further discussion.

Ok thanks alot

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It’s really a great place, it sounds intimidating but it’s not! As long as you follow all IF ATC instructions as much as possible you should be good.

A few tips I recommend you do before joining the expert server though;

Get a good idea of what pattern work is and practice it in solo or casual. (upwind, crosswind, downwind, the bases and final.)

Before you start your session on the expert server practice taking off and landing with the same plane same weight etc. in the exact same scenario beforehand. It may seem unnecessary but it really helps to prepare you for the takeoffs and landings you’ll be doing in your expert server session.

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