Should I Fly on the Expert Server?

Hi everyone I have a question should I fly in expert server because I’m afraid of getting violations and getting ghosted . Thank you

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Well if you can follow ifatc instructions as well as the basic training server rules (speed under 10,000 etc…) then sure. Give it a try.

Hey as i said before just follow all the instructionss and you will be fine :)

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It’s entirely up to you.

You should not be afraid of violations and ghosts, as long as you follow all speed limits and all instructions issued by IFATC.

You’ll be just fine :)

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Expert server is awesome! Just follow the rules and you wont get violations or get ghosted.


Thank you everyone

One more question is there a page we’re you can see all the rules for expert server let’s say for the speed limit is there any page of rules?


Just the really basic rules.


Thank you 👍🏽

Why not? Those rules are actually very easy to follow.

Oh btw, the last rule is no longer a thing because of the gate restriction feature.

Same thing for TS1 FYI. Only real difference between Expert server and training is that Expert strictly enforces the rules. As long as you know how to interact with ATC and follow instructions, you should be fine.


I believe you can still land at an airport and get it…

Yeah, I forgot. But it wouldnt make any senses to land at small airport with a 777

Violations are still given out the same way as they are in Training Server. Overspeed, for Taxi above 35kts and flying faster than 250kts under 10000ft, that the same. Also Violations for aerobatic maneuvers near airports… still the same. Violations, shouldn’t be a concern and neither should getting ghosted.

Most often, if you happen to make a minor mistake as forget to change altitude or turn wrong and whatnot, you’ll get a warning most likely by the controller to double check that you’re following their instructions. Many ATC give out multiple warnings, since Ghosting isn’t their number one means of action against a pilot who may have not followed the instructions to 100%.

I too have gotten warned by ATC a few times, and told to follow instructions, simply because of not changing altitude or speed, when told to. Most times, when I’m extremely tired, so I don’t necessarily recommend flying near ATC when you’re about to fall asleep.

But as long as you do as they, basically follow the simple commands they give out, and reply back acknowledging that you’ve received their instructions and then proceed on to doing what they told you, then you should be golden :)

If you’d like, try flying to airspaces with no ATC first, or smaller airspaces/less crowded ones to get a taste of IFATC, and from there grow out to larger international ones. So don’t really jump right into Sydney tomorrow or Hongkong for the weekend, try somewhere with lower density traffic.

Hope my tips help you out :)
*Remember these things when you do enter the Expert Server:

  1. Don’t worry too much, rather relax.
  2. Don’t be afraid, be confident that you can fly.
  3. Don’t be too stiff when flying, smile and loosen up. Fly as you would normally do. Be A Pilot 🛫



It can feel daunting when you read posts about people being reported.

  • Don’t interfere with others. Don’t just blindly descend to a runway. Take the time to look around, see if there is a flow of traffic and join the flow. Don’t taxi through others, etc.
  • Ask for permission before crossing/entering runways. Just because ATC tells you to taxi to a runway does not mean you can cross other runways without permission.
  • Follow ATC instructions, especially on approach. Once you are talking to approach, turn your NAV off so you are not following your plan. ATC may vector you in a certain way to accommodate the flow of traffic. They will tell you when to descend/climb.
  • Enjoy the traffic! You see that plane on downwind, have faith that the pilot will do the right thing and not interfere with you as well. It makes for a pleasurable experience on both sides.
  • Have fun!

Thanks guys


I probably will try that in a smaller less busy airport first thank you everyone for your time


Also, remember ghosting is a last resort. Many controllers including myself will give multiple warnings. Also, we try to see things from your point of view, and understand if it is an honest mistake.

See you in the Expert skies!


I love expert and as Will A makes a great point. Its a fabulous experience and the atc is awesome and I find that I fly in places I may have otherwise never thought to. If you feel uncomfortable (Me at EGLL) just end the flight and go back to ts1 till its calm again. Make sure when ATC is active you pay attention especially atis. After your ATIS I usually set to no frequency plan my flight and then tune into ground to request my push and etc… Good luck I hope to see you flying!