Should I fly on Emirates, Etihad or Qatar?

Just don’t do AI for that flight, I’ve been on that and it’s horrible


I would definitely choose Qatar, their aircraft are very nice along with the food and service on board. Etihad is not up to standards with them but Emirates is hit and miss for the cabin comfort due to the tight configuration on the B777 and the crew sometimes aren’t as good as Qatar from what I have heard.

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Ahah I would rather fly BA than KLM or Air France. If they were the best then tell me why they aren’t 5 star airlines like Qatar? I think you are basing this of the free upgrade.

If i were you, i probably choose emirates.just because of the food and IFE…

Emirates for sure, good service, medium pricing…

That’s on business though…🤪

Etihad is having a financial problem right now so maybe Qatar or Emirates!!

No, I’ve flown them many times without the upgrade- still great service

The feeling in my gut tells me your choice should be Qatar. Emirates are great too but I think Qatar takes it. Etihad, Meh They are great too but I think the others are better. Worth it? I don’t know.
Also, do not forget Lufthansa that has somhow gotten a 5 star skytrax rating so in theory they should be just as good as the other three🤔

All 3 are good airlines. Qatar Airways was named the best airline in 2017 and the other two were in the top 10. So all of them are excellent airlines. However, as I have already flown with Emirates, I would recommend you to fly with Emirates. Beautiful service, great staff and the aircraft are always clean. Emirates might not have a 5-star-rating, but don’t forget that airlines like Lufthansa, which is ranked below these 3 airlines (by Skytrax itself) has a 5-star-rating and a lot of people are/were complaining about that.
Short: Emirates.

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None of those airlines fly to my destination (Hyderabad)

I forgot to add the Jet Airways flight from Delhi or Bombay to Hyderabad

To be honset its up for you to decide. You should resd reviews of each airlines. You should check out simply aviation on youtube. They have flew on all of those airlines and you should compare their reviews for each airline.

No correlation to service besides various premium class cutbacks.

Love this YouTube. Really helpful when trying to find the best first class flights!

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