Should I fly Frontier?

Good afternoon all!

I’m in the process of booking my trip down to Vegas for the flight sim expo in June, and the cheapest flight to come home again is with Frontier, rather than WestJet (my usual airline).

I have never flown with Frontier, and I’d like to know some opinions and experiences that y’all have had with them before I go ahead and book a flight with them.

Particularly looking for information regarding in-flight entertainment (what’s available, including wifi), as well as overall experiences with the airline.


If they are cheaper, go for it.
They do not have WiFi but you can always download a few TV shows on Netflix.
I suggest that you message @SkyHighGuys more about Frontier’s product as he basically knows everything there is to know.


Sure. If you’re looking for budget, go Frontier or Spirit. However, many US Airlines are now introducing Basic Economy, which basically is their standard product but with limitations to luggage and seat assignments.


You get what you pay for. Just beware of fees.

Other than that, I think it’s a good choice, it’s always a benefit to try new airlines.


Going to Vegas? Southwest would be a good option I flew frontier once and it was a horrible experience

Yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes! If you’d like to learn everything about F9, their history, what to expect, how their crew are, and what you can buy onboard I am your man as someone said above.
Just DM me :)

I few F9 to Vegas too! If you dm me I can get the aircraft and info like that for you


It’s an a319/20/21 not that different planes

Southwest unfortunately don’t serve my home airport.

I flew southwest and had a terrible time. Just because one trip is bad doesn’t make the airline bad. Does that mean SWA is a horrible airline because I had a bad time?


Clearly you are unaware of the beauty of each animal on each aircraft. A pity

Then aal is probably good as they I believe have a focus in Vegas

I like the animal schemes but the plane felt like extremely cramped keep in mind I’m not a large person

Frontier also has a focus hub in Vegas. Small world 😀

I’m 5 foot and 6 inches and not the lightest person. I never once felt cramped. So you may need to define your height if you claim to not be tall ;)

Leg room is another concern for me (I’m 6’4”)

If they have a “plus” option with extra leg room I would also consider that


If you have money to spend, if it’s going to be anything over 3 hours, want to bring a bunch of stuff with you, NO.

If you don’t mind sacrificing some extras (no free snacks, no IFE, no wifi, must pay for all bags, majority of seats don’t recline) for a very cheap base fare, YES.

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I’d recommend their exit rows. Very good legroom

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5’5” but I usually don’t like the carriers like frontier as they lure you in to their crappy service with a cute animal or something like that


Seats do recline actually. Front three rows and exit rows. Also each seat other then that is in a prereclined position. It’s not like it’s vertical backs

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My heart is broken. Their “crappy” service must have been bad to you. I have flown 17 tunes in the past year with F9 and in going again in 4 days and I have never once had a bad time.

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