Should I Feel Scared That I got speed Violations?

The other day I was descending and I left the room because someone wanted to talk to me. 15 minutes later I came back to see that I picked up violations. I only needed 3 more violations before I would have to wait a year to play on expert server again. Half of me feels like I won’t make mistakes like this again, and half of me feels like I won’t be able to play on expert for a year if I keep flying. So how should I really feel?

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I can’t influence your feelings, but I’ll say this.

It’s a learning experience. Learn from your mistakes and become better. Next time, you’ll know it’ll be a better idea to end the flight or hold at an altitude above 10000.


I don’t really understand the whole thing, I really have to admit. You should never leave your device alone when you climb or sink.

If you think that your Landing ratio doesn’t fit anymore, you just have to do a few landings :)


To be honest the conversation I had at the time was kinda important.

Life happens. We can’t be at a screen 24/7.

The big part is how you react and adapt to it. Sometimes we just have to learn and move on.

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Well yes. I have learned this lesson many times. When descending, just try and keep an eye on the speed indicator. When you have reached about 20,000ft, just decrease your speed to 260kts.

You must be very careful not to receive more violations. I would be scared, since you are close to a stage where you won’t be able to fly on the Expert Server. 😨

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At least this was my first level 1 violation.

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As far as I know, Level 1. Violations do not apply to the counter below in the Grade Table. If they are gone again after seven days, they are no longer valid there.

You can set an alarm on another device, to remind you that you have reached your TOD. I follow my own checklist. Just a suggestion.

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Wait? Can you send me your stats please?

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I was already descending. I was just called into a room when I was descending.

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It’s a wake up call. In general, you should be paying full attention during all phases of flight (taxiing, take off, climb, descend, landing, taxiing), except for cruise.


Usually once every hour I will look to see if anything has happened. Like wind etc. But over night I don’t.

I think there was confusion and he should be fine.

These were his stats:)

He only will be able to not access ES if he gets 4 level 2 or 3 violations in total. Not 3 level 1 violations.

Yeah, looks like he should be fine IF he doesn’t get many more violations!

And if he does he can do some touch and goes

Those are always fun, eh.

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The best advice is to ensure that you only descend to 10,000 on AP, after that, ensure you are at your device for the rest of descent.

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